Mini Laser Projector LED Light Show - SKU NO: 11464

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $79.00 ea
5 pcs. $74.00 ea
10 pcs. $69.00 ea
20 pcs. $64.00 ea
100 pcs. $59.00 ea
500 pcs. $59.00 ea
1000 pcs. $59.00 ea


Mini Laser Projector LED Light Show is one of the coolest light up products available! This laser projector beams bright LED designs across the wall, ceiling or screen. Use this awesome laser show for your next party, haunted house, BBQ or anytime in your home. The party doesn't start until these lasers are on!

To activate turn the Mini Laser Projector LED Light Show on simply plug the adapter cable into the projector.

Set on Auto to have lasers move and collide.

You can set the speed, have your setting blink or have the laser sync with music.

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Height: 4.87 in. 
Width: 3.62 in.
Depth: 2.0 in.
Tripod Height: 5.75 in.

Projector Color: Blue

LED Colors: Red and Green

Mini Laser Projector includes a two slot AC/DC adapter. Batteries are not required.