Waterproof Green Light Sticks On Lanyards - SKU NO: 11729-GN

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Stay safe & get seen with Waterproof Green Light Sticks On Lanyards! Parents love light sticks on Halloween night or for birthday party scavenger hunts - kids can wear them around their necks thanks to attached breakaway lanyards. Take LED Safety Light Sticks with you on camping trips, pack them in emergency kits, or pass them out at dance parties - lights in ANY form go hand-in-hand with music! Waterproof Green Light Sticks On Lanyards are key when you need to be seen but want to keep it simple.

To activate your Safety Light Sticks, press the button on the bottom of the stick. Set your safety wand on a quick blink or a steady light.

NOTE: Before using your light sticks in or around water, check that the battery house is screwed on TIGHT.

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Height: 6.50 in. 
Width: .75 in. 
Lanyard Length:32

LED Colors: Green

Waterproof Green Light Sticks On Lanyards come ready to use with 3 AG13 Batteries; sorry, not replaceable.