FBL Lights On Location: New Orleans Mardi Gras!

AHOY there!                                         ‘Tis I, Flashing Blinky Nikki.               Went to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras & lived to tell the tale.  NOLA sweet NOLA!  My new home away from homa.  Where you can dance in the street wearing wigs & tutus, light ups & sparkles, costumes & glow, and no one’s gonna take much notice because EVERYone is decked out.  Yes, would you believe I totally blended in?  I have found my people.  NOLA left me in awe the entire time & I’m now planning to go back annually.  Would you like to take a peek at some of my most memorable New Orleans Mardi Gras moments?                              Come along now…

First couple nights started off real tame.  Just takin’ it all in, sportin’ some star light boppers while playin’ sax on the streets, no big deal:

Here’s a sweet babydoll I met while enjoying the classic parades that make New Orleans Mardi Gras what it is.  Love that pose, love those shades!  Girl’s goin’ places:

The family that blinks together stays together!  Quite literally; I would’ve gotten lost from our krewe 10 times a night had it not been for LEDs.  So props to this NOLA mom:

Lady Light Devil up to no good….except for those glow bracelets linked together like a chain and ready to share– oh that’s very good.  Way to think outside the box, makes for easy distribution:

 Made a new friend on Royal Street!  Or was it Bourbon Street…the details are a little fuzzy, yet memorable.  ‘Twas an honor to share a toast on the go with such a fashion icon.  Did you notice my king crown lights up?!  Aw yeah:

Light swords outside Kajun’s Pub & Allways Lounge (holy fun venues, Batman!):

Silly party time took a backseat as we went out to dinner with the grown ups.  I packed some light up ice cubes in my purse & passed them out at Commander’s Palace.  That place is FANcy, oh ma goooodness, but our color changing party cubes fit in regardless (no flash; just chill mood lighting):

CHEERS to not getting kicked out due to my casual attire!

On Franklin Street, we stumbled upon a street band that melted my heart.  We could’ve danced all night.  Love the talent front & center playing a saw like a violin.  Old timey jams & impromptu dance parties in the street, THIS was my favorite thing about Mardi Gras.  The local talent is out to make a little money, and as they should, ’cause dang they are gifted & hard working.  Tourists, don’t forget to tip!

Some groovy lighting I spotted while taking a stroll through the French Quarter:

OK, ok, back to party time!  Niiiiice light up party hats, darlings:

We were fortunate enough to get into the Bacchus Ball to watch the Krewe of Bacchus Parade – WHAAAAT?!  Grateful beyond words – thank you, Zac Levi.mardigras3

Our LED beads looked great at this black tie event – everyone was pleasantly surprised & (play) fighting over the last one; should’ve packed more.mardigras2

Once again, LED ice cubes made an appearance; a Bacchus favorite.  Mixed with real ice cubes looks cool, plus invited guests to help themselves.  Awesome idea for future parties, y’all, it’s gunna be “my thing” from now on:

‘Til next time, NOLA my sweet!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki