The Playa Awaits! Get ready for the biggest Desert Festival of the year.

Every year, thousands of road warriors take to the desert for a week of pure freedom, art, and fire.  Lots of fire.  It’s a land of overflowing creativity and we have been a part of the community for many years.  A lot of our customers come asking us for ideas on what to bring and wear at the festival, so we’re here to share a few of our Light Up Fashion faves!


New and Hot:  Disco Bike Light

Though Art Cars are common at this desert fest, “traffic” is nothing compared to the city, which is why many bike from one camp to the next.  Lights like this keep you safe out in the desert!  Fest fans have requested funkier lights to put on their bikes, so we’re always exploring new fun options in our Light up Outdoors department.  Check out the Disco Bike Light, doubles as mobile party lighting!  Connects to practically anything– bring the party wherever you go!

Simply wrap around the frame of your bike, push the button and illuminate your path.  Its AAA batteries are replaceable so the party never has to end.  We’ve got more Bike Lights also used as safety lights for casual rides through the neighborhood, not just fests, so check those out…the perfect gift for any bike enthusiast.

Stay Cute, Stay Warm

The desert cold is no joke, especially at night.  But that doesn’t stop us from having a lit partay!

EL Wire Fashion is the wave of the future.  Pictured Hoodie has slick spacey lookin’ EL Wire down the zipper and all the way up around the hood.  This model rocking our Light Wear out in the desert made our day, and night!

EL Wire Eyeglasses are also picture perfect and totally rad for fests of any kind.  Their larger batteries are going to last many nights, compared to little cell batteries found in novelty light products, and EL Wire products’ battery pack is easy to conceal in your pocket, thanks to a cord leading up to the product, also easy to conceal.

Did you know we have glowing EL Wire Cat Ears too?  Oh yeah…we got that.

Rechargeable Light up Rave Glasses FTW

When you’re out socializing in the desert, there is no guarantee what time you’ll make it back to your camp.  A lot of festival go-ers worry about their lights not being able to last the whole week or weekend which is why we introduced Recharging Light Up Rave Glasses.

These are not just your regular light up shades, dude.  They are sound reactive which you can see in the rise and fall of equalizer lights, bumping to the beat of the tunes you play, but they are also USB rechargeable and cordless!  How convenient is that?  It’s the perfect rave accessory I tell ya.  QUALITY.

Simply attach to a power source with the USB cord provided, let sit until its lights let you know it’s done charging, and you’re set for the night, plus use them again and again and again, for all the party nights!  Great at clubs, concerts, anywhere with loud music.


Well, thank you for joining us, and please be safe out there, party people.  Always remember:  safety first.  Stay hydrated, and where ever you go, stick with a buddy.  Take care of each other, stay free, and we’ll catch ya on the flip side.

Elly out!

Some Favorites from Customers…thanks for allowing us to share!