Flashing Blinky Lights Illuminates Our Troops – Kuwait, Memorial Day

Flashing Blinky Lights Helps Remember Our Fallen Heroes:

When we sold our light up products, knowing they would go to Kuwait for a Memorial Day service, we had no idea what was to come of it. Today, Donna, our lovely sales rep responsible for said sale, received pictures on what went down.

And yes, it’s as wonderful as you think it is going to be:

FBL Illuminates our Fallen Heroes

FBL Illuminates our Fallen Heroes

We’re proud to have been a part of this.

Thanks to our troops overseas and everyone who supports them!



Reasons To Be Blinky — Flashing LEDs, The Environment, and You…

I write this to you with great pride in that not only are LEDs “fun as all get-out” (which no one has said since the 1970’s) but, guess what, they are completely energy efficient as well.

So, this is where it begins:

An LED lamp, for example, has around 100,000 hours of life in it. Left on continuously, that’s around 10-11 years of usage. Now, take into consideration that LEDs also convert, if well-made (like our’s), 80% of the electrical energy into light energy. That means they are 80% more efficient than electrical lights. True story.

If we convert to LEDs for all of our light needs (minus what the sun can afford us), imagine the impact we could make on energy in America. Think of it as an 80% savings in electricity.

“But Andrew, where do we begin? There is so much to do to be able to convert!”

Well, Unnamed Fake Example Man, you start right here: Flashing Blinky Lights.

You’re welcome, America.


Not So Average Light Ups


Lookie there!

Wrote that with Not So Average Mama, who was kind enough to let us crash her party. Great site, especially for parents out there who need a little extra advice to spruce up that busy home life.

That’s that! Enjoy your weekend, light it up, see you next week.


Devo, Flashing Blinky Lights, and You

So, our coworkers went to DEVO event with our futuristic sunglasses and here’s how their day went:

DEVO on Friday was insane. Look at us with our Multicolor Tube Necklaces and Futuristic LED Sunglasses!

Both of those items were huge hits with the crowd. One guy even tried to trade me a cupcake for the necklace. I gave him the website instead. Other folk were also rockin’ LEDs too, which was fitting & We’re all for it.



Crazy Day! Blinked, Almost Missed It.

A long, winding, whacky and wild day it has been.

That being said, I have had some chances to check out some great light-inspired video. Check it.

This is made all with LEDs:

With some craftiness and a bit of computer technology, anyone can utilize our blinkies in a way such as this, I tell you what.

On a side note…HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?

Iri5 Flickr – Ghost in the Machine

Yes, they are all made out of film, 35mm, 8mm, what have you. Genius stuff. People are so crafty!



Behind the Scenes

Yo ho,

Last week, we had a photoshoot and at that photoshoot…

Pirates. Well, one pirate. A pirate wench, really.

So, here’s a peak into the wide and wonderful world of photoshooting at FBL. Yeah, we have a studio! What now?

This can only mean one thing: More video! Because you love it, that’s why.

Thank you.

Take care,


A Light Up Cinco De Mayo, and a bit on Swords

Margaritas never tasted so good, especially in our Flashing Margarita Glass.

That being said, it’s all said and done, and now Memorial Day is just around the corner. And this weekend is my baby brother’s 6th birthday, so a gift is in order.

The LED Futuristic Sword with Motion Activated Sounds.

Done. Finished. And no, I don’t care if it makes noise and my dad hates it. I’ll just have my brother attack him with it if he complains.

New video soon, as well.

So to all 16 million, have a good day. I dare you to even have a great one.



Punchbowl.com Loves Flashing Blinky Lights! (True Story To Follow…)

Then it must be true, we are awesome.

Flashing Blinky Lights is given exclusive props in Punchbowl.com’s very smart and very saavy article on cool and crafty ways to spice up any Holiday party. See for yourself! So, if you are hankering for more party-planning ideas past things that flash, blink, pop, sizzle, or sparkle, go to them, they have it all.

And that being said, keep up on the site, we are adding new stuff every day and Memorial Day is right around the corner alongside Mother’s Day.

May’s a good month to be a blinky.

Andrew Martin Dodson