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Anyway, since you are illuminated, it wouldn’t hurt to get you illuminated further, right? Last week, we not only updated you on what was to come, but now I have other announcements:

Our first commercial is ready to get released virally, as soon as we are able to spread the word effectively. Once we are ready, it’ll be ready. It’s not complicated, expansive, but it is illuminated, as well as simple. You’d like it.

Also, go here for a new product review: The Night Owl Mama – Cool Light Up Flashing Blinky Light Products for Night Time Fun

They loved it.

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Now, go get illuminated.


Safe Fireworks: They Light Up 4th of July But They Do Not Burn

A Light Up Party that does not have to involve fireworks on 4th of July makes for a very happy and content set of parents as well as children who get to not only have fun, but come out unscathed on July 5th. In fact, one can be safe and fun without any fireworks.

Yet all this emphasis on safety and we have yet to scratch the surface on how exactly we can have a potentially fireworks-free party (leave it up to your neighbors and their smuggled fireworks) with just as much craziness. Because “safe” and “fun” can be synonymous.

First, the drinks: Because why settle for anything less than bright and crazy? Adults, drink your beers (and root beers, young’ns) in one of our Red, White, and Blue Light Up Pilsner Glasses. Then take the burgers, chips, potato salad, and Jell-O, and serve it up with a side of awesome light-ups!

For the great outdoors, a few things will be perfect to light up the streets: Firstly, pictured at the top of this post, you really do need our incredibly popular light up, Light Up American Flags. And what good is a big party if you can’t accessorize? A Sequin Red, White & Blue Tie do the trick. Since we love both swords and America (I hope you also love both), you’ll want a few Red, White, and Blue American Swords, and you’ll thank me later. All of these things are sure to trump fireworks with how safe they are. Might as well call them Safe Fireworks, because they light up but they don’t burn.

Now, you’re probably asking about things to wear and decorate? If not, I’ll tell you anyway.

Red, White & Blue Hawaiian Light Up Leis!

Red, White & Blue Light Up Noodle Headbands!

Red, White & Blue Light Up Mohawks!

Red, White & Blue Cool Shades LED Sunglasses!

And guess what, friends? All that and more can be found right here: 4th of July Flashing Blinky Lights!

Well, this blog was made to inspire and since I know these products, I know it will have inspired you to be safe but do not that let hold back your block party and fireworks displays, just let it keep you mindful of the wonderful light up options we have. Your peace of mind and sense of fun will thank you for it.

By the way, is it possible to copyright the term “Safe Fireworks”? I love it.