Product Spotlight: Flashing Polka Dots Soft Pink Hair Bow Headband

Cute as a mouse, these Pink Bows will light up any occasion

Trying to figure out which childhood icon you want to be for Halloween? Getting the little ones ready for a fun trip to a magical place? Or are you just simply feeling fun and festive? A light-up Polka Dotted Pink Bow Headband should be just thing. Complete with three color functions, from fast flash, color change, to a still light, and a size big enough to see across the way at a public place, these are perfect for your children or the adult searching for the child within.

These hair bows come equipped with a safe, plastic headband that secure the bow to the person’s head, complete with an easily accessible power button in the center of the bow on the back.

When looking for something to catch everyone’s attention, try a hair bow, specifically our Flashing Polka Dots Soft Pink Hair Bow Headbands. Get your’s today!



LED Craft Adventures! Episode 2: Light Up VELVET ELVIS Presley

Heidi Ho, Neighbors!

It’s me, Flashing Blinky Nikki, back for more with tiki decor.  You’ll see a lot of tiki love ’round these parts, for chilled out mood lighting IS the foundation of tiki culture, it never went out of style, and holy jeeeeze is it easy to create yourself!  Let’s pick up where we left off & check out this Viva Las Vegas inspired Velvet Elvis Presley that has taken over my living room.  Literally minutes before company arrived, I grabbed some trippy/fabulous slow-color-change LEDs made specifically for arts & crafts, backed each light with a piece of foamy double stick tape (simple to remove + original vintage frame = noooo hot glue this time), and stuck ’em around my glorious $7 thrift store Velvet Elvis *swoon*.  These particular LEDs have no metal hardware on the back, so you can stick ’em, glue ’em, sew ’em, place ’em however you wish!  GENIUS when you’re in a hurry, yet need some flair.  Little mobile LEDs also come in clip form should you want to attach them to…well…anything!  Our lovely lady customers use the clip style as sparkling LED earrings – stylin’ on a night out, plus SUPER affordable as party favors.  Now back to The King!

Talk about a tiki party conversation starter, what a hunka hunka burnin’ love.  Velvet Elvis Presley & Las Vegas lights go together like peanut butter & jelly peanut butter & bananas, NOM NOM.  Next just add tiki drinks to the mix, light ’em up with slow color change ice cubes, put some swingin’ tunes on the stereo & turn it up!  The King would be proud.

‘Til next time, crafty compadres.                                                                                               TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Nikki                                                                                              

Light Up Craft Adventures Presents: DIY Tiki Party Lights

Greetings, earthlings.

‘Tis I, Flashing Blinky Nikki, here to save the day with a super affordable, extremely cool Light Up Craft.  Get’cher glue gun ready, folks!  DIY Tiki Party Lights are just the beginning of our light up craft adventures together, so bookmark us & leave a comment or 2 or 10 should you ever want to see a certain light craft executed – I WILL TRY ANYTHING.  Seriously, what can’t we do with a glue gun & affordable little LED lights?  The night sky is the limit.  Light crafters, start your engines!


I needed tiki party lights in a jiffy, see.  So I cruised over to a 99 Cent Store & lucked out – found these kitschy fab plastic pineapples for my Light Up Craft.  These particular pineapples seem to be made for holding cotton balls or Q-tips on a counter top, but MY flashing blinky eye first took notice of that funky prism shell, totally perfect for our light up craft.  Really anything hallow with some sort of textured shell is going to look incredibly dreamy with a slow color change LED inside it.  Eh, who needs ya, candles?! Phooey!  Get offa my lawn!



Next step:  add illumination.  Though we’re not using water this time, did you know these flower-shaped compact LEDs are waterproof?  Dig it.  Safely submersible, just twist them shut to power on & twist tight.  They come in so many beautiful colors, sloooow color change being my favorite.  It magically morphs through every color of the rainbow. And now, ladies & gentlemen, I give you…

Cheap/easy/gorgeous DIY tiki party lights, tah daaahhh!  Click to enlarge:

The prism shell!!!  It is all about that crazy reflective prism shell, that really helps our lights shine to the best of their ability.  Another bonus regarding our submersible LEDs?  They have changeable batteries for endless nights of fun, how cool is that?  So re-use your light creations again & again, or treat your guests to a specially-made mood light as they leave your shindig – what a memorable party favor to take home…

‘Til next time, craft warriors!


~ Nikki