Holiday Parties Are on the Rise

And like a busy superhero (or Santa Claus) might, we are doing all we can to get out those Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and-all-other-holidays/birthdays-in-between, their due respect and light-up toys.

We’ve been so busy getting in so many new items and yes, they have been selling like hot cakes. For those of who do not know what hot cakes are, please do not search the term “Hot cakes” in Google, especially not Google Images with children around (You never know what you’ll get). Hot Cakes are old school pancakes, made from scratch, and tastier than any pancakes you’ve ever had in your entire life. Basically, Flashing Blinky Lights are the Hot Cakes of the toy world. In fact, next time you see one of us, call us “Hot Cakes.” You won’t get slapped, we’re cool.

So, whether you are into getting some light up toys for your Halloween party, Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner party, and/or your New Years Celebration, any Holiday party honestly, where you can really light it up, we’ve got everything you’d ever need.

Halloween is next week, so for those of you planning to be Iron Man, Batman, Psy, or Driver, know that some good ol’ fashioned blinkies can do the trick. For more on that, check out our section for Halloween light up toys right here:

Skipping ahead to those end of year Holidays? Christmas and what-not? Our Christmas Light Up Toys section has just the inventory you’ll need:

Or maybe the New Year is more your style? Planning on hitting up the Cosmopolitan on the Strip or Times Square? Bring anything from our New Year Light Up Toys Section:

Anyway, is just our way of saying “Hello” and look out for our things on Halloween, or better yet, get some so you won’t feel sad when all you can do is look on at everyone else loving their life that much more. Those Holiday Parties are waiting for you.

Until next time!


Lighten Up Election Day With Political Party Favors!

Election Day is upon us. Opinions are vast, tensions are building, and patriots are more passionate than ever.  Do you need something to help lighten the mood?  I know I do, and FBL Political Party Favors are just the thing, young Americans.  Because life’s too fun to take it all too seriously.  So when the news gets my head in a tizzy, and the ads keep pushin’ props, I can just flip a switch, sit back and relax wearin’ my red white & blue light up Political Party Favors.  The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

But in all seriousness, regardless of who you vote for on Election Day, and no matter which Political Party Favors you sport to show your pride, what’s important here is that we all take the time to vote.  Let’s do our homework, read up on important matters and visit a polling place, or send in that absentee ballot (note to self for next year).  Check out this DIY sign I made using our red white & blue light pins and Political Party Favors.  So festive, and talk about spreadin’ the word!

You BET I’ll take that sign out with me on Election Day.  Imagine the possibilities if you used this idea to create a political message sign.  NO ONE would miss the point you’re trying to get across.  Not one person.  Check out these lights in action:

How I did it?  So easy:

  1. Get a styrofoam rectangle at your local craft store.
  2. Cover it with glue, then glitter.
  3. I hot glued Mardi Gras beads around the edges for a little extra bling (optional).
  4. Buy a few bags of Red White & Blue LEDs for Arts & Crafts, and glue ’em to the styrofoam board.  Spell out anything you wish!

Happy voting, America.  Keep on craftin’ in the free world.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Pink Light-Ups Brighten Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness is a big deal.  FBL’s collective heart goes out to all strong women and families affected by breast cancer in any way, shape or form.  We’ve been there too, plus for many years, we’ve seen our Pink Light-Ups help raise spirits and raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, its warriors & its survivors.  What a joy that has been.


For starters, we strive to keep the price of our classic Light Up Pink Ribbon Pins as low as possible, specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers.  Our regular customers are no strangers to reselling Light-Ups in a retail setting, plus we genuinely want you to make money for a good cause.  This sparkling little light pin is the perfect tool to help spread the message that IT IS TIME for a cure, and never ever give up hope.



If even lower cost is necessary for your Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser, we have a totally new option which we’re really pleased to present:  it’s a non-light up Pink Ribbon Charm on a Bead Necklace.  The absence of LED lights in this one keeps that price down, plus they’re excellent for sharing – you can dress up a huge group of people and still stay within your budget.  Now that’s a win win situation!


Check out our inspiring customers in action. These lovely ladies are rockin’ our Pink LED Fedora Hats at their Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.  What a way to bring attention to an otherwise difficult matter.  Optimism rules, it really does.

We’ve been fortunate enough to create some custom print pins for our inspiring customers as well.  Below awesome snapshot is courtesy of Tackling Cancer Foundation.  Lookin’ very snazzy for an excellent cause, and what sweet boys to get involved.  Good job, mom!  That’s the future of America, right there.

Many thanks to all who support Breast Cancer Awareness not just monthly, but daily. For some, it’s a 24/7 kind of thing, and we salute you.  Once it affects you, whether it be a loved one or yourself, there’s no going back.  And what better way to keep your head up and spread some joy than with Pink Light-Ups.  We’ve got your back, so don’t be shy – call today if you work for a charity or non-profit in need of a discount.  It’s what we do here at FBL, we sincerely love to help.

Power to the people right on ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

LED Craft Time: Add Fiber Optic Hair Clips To A Wreath


Good day, dahlings.  Time for another super cool & very simple LED craft.  Our Fiber Optic Hair Clips can be altered to any length for use just about anywhere.  I’m talkin’ Fiber Optic Hair Clips sprouting out of birthday gift bags, added to table centerpieces, chopped & cropped for short hair, sewn into clothing, seriously ANYwhere.  Best hair clips, hands down.

And have you seen these multicolor Fiber Optic Hair Clips up close & personal?  They’re bright as can be thanks to a white LED inside the battery house, plus a cool mix of royal blue, jade green & magenta pink fiber optic strands.  No flash, just a steady glow.  Looks like a sparkling waterfall through your hair.  LOVE!

Since our Fiber Optic Hair Clips are pretty long, I trimmed them to fit a peacock feather wreath found at Michael’s.  So totally easy, you guys, just remember to cut vertical-ish.  Slant those shears!  Do NOT cut straight across, OK?  Channel your inner hairstylist and cut at an extreme angle.  Avoid the blunt cut!  Yes, a light-handed diagonal chop will help keep your fiber optics hair lights looking like stars in the night sky.  Beautiful!  Pictures just don’t do it justice.  Plus in a totally dark room?  WHOA.  Extremely  magical.

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE! …      You can manipulate the shape of your fiber optic hair lights too.  I ran into a “happy accident” here – left my hair fibers in a car cup holder, hangin’ over the side.  The next day, they had a permanent curve thanks to the heat, so…thanks, Sun!  Basically melted them into the shape of my wreath.  You can curl them like ribbon too ya know, just a bit (be gentle).  And the quickest way to alter the shape of fibers fresh out the package:  pull fibers apart with just a bit of force where they exit the battery house – this will help spread out those tiny points of light.  Pretty!

And now for the finished product.  Had to leave room lights on to show you what vivid colors we’re workin’ with and how perfectly our Fiber Optic Hair Lights match peacock feathers. What a dreamy wall decoration and fun conversation starter!


‘Til next time, craft lovahs.                                                                                                  TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Nikki