Add An LED Heart For An Easy Valentines Craft!

Welcome back, crafty critters.  For an über fast & easy Valentines craft with students, your own children, or your grown-up self, just add an LED heart to it!  This is actually great for year-round  thank you gifts & love notes.  We’ve got a sweet assortment of LED heart products to wear out on date night, to dress up your ladies at bachelorette parties, or to give as gifts on Valentine’s Day, and this year we’re getting crafty with them.

The Acrylic Heart Necklace is my favorite LED heart for crafts, for it’s simple to remove the string lanyard & attach the LED heart to whatever you wish (comes with a safety pin on back).  It’s red & blue LEDs sparkle in a circular clockwise motion & reflect off that glitter:

The “Perfect 10” LED Heart is one of our best selling body lights.  Chasing lights outline each side of the heart in unison – it’s a cool kind of flash; think Vegas style.  Thanks to its military clutch pin back, you can stick it to anything with a pierceable surface.  It’s not just a lapel pin ya know:

* Photobomb by yours truly.

Last but not least, check out the party favor bag I accentuated with our less flashy, more sloooow-color-changing Aurora Heart Pin.  Attach a fiber optic light bow for extra “ooooo”s & “aaahhh”s!  Too cute, too easy, and full of candy – NOM NOM:

Stay tuned for our next St. Patrick’s Day episode…                                                             ‘Til next time, light lovers.

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Light Up A Mardi Gras King Crown For A Royal Good Time!

Here at FBL, we have searched high & low for a great quality Mardi Gras king crown with LEDs.  Imagine such an item lighting up the streets of New Orleans.  Yes sir, a ready-made light up Mardi Gras king crown would be hot hot hot!  The hunt is still on, for we’re picky & won’t settle for less.  In the meantime, I’ve found a heck of an alternative:

To start, I found a non light up Mardi Gras king crown at a local party store; very easy to track down.  It’s pretty well made; just needed LEDs! And boy do we have those – every color combo.  Just clip LEDs onto the tips of the Mardi Gras king crown. Crafters, it does not get much easier than that!  They come with removable soft rubber backs in case you want to wear them as earrings, plus those will help the LEDs stay put.  Or for a more permanent fixture, add hot glue to the backs if you know you’ll be partying up a storm.  Look at these simple little guys – oooohhh the possibilites:

Last but not least, combine your new costume creation with some equally epic accessories like a magical fairy wand, a color changing LED wizard staff, stacks of Mardi Gras beads, a fuzzy cape and you are WELL on your way to a royal good time.  Happy carnival, crafters!

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Party Decor Takes Flight With A Butterfly Light!

How do you do, dear crafters?  Back with more light decoration ideas.  This time we’re exploring the dainty & decorative butterfly light with color change wings.  Each discounted wholesale pack of 12 has an assortment of wing designs; 6 different wings to be exact.  Just what can one do with an LED butterfly light?  Thanks to the battery pack shaped like a tea light candle,          so much!

The most simple & classic way to display your butterfly light is to place some in a tea light candle holder – perfect fit & very zen:

Add a butterfly light to a garden party centerpiece & surround with greenery, shiny beads or river stones for a magical night time touch:

If you’re planning a princess theme or butterfly theme party, place them all about as party favors for others to help themselves to, or drop one in each goody bag with other princess accessories, for little girls REALLY love light butterflies (plus there is a screw on the battery house for safety – its replaceable batteries stay inside when little hands get curious):

For my own personal party wear, I hot glued a butterfly light to our whimsical fairy princess feather halo for a unique hippy headband no one else will have: I gently curled the ribbons with scissors + hot glued to the back 4 cut-up pieces of Mardi Gras beads.  I also hot glued some fake flowers around the butterfly to hide the battery house.  Then end result?  Fabulous!  Easy!  Inexpensive!  Place one on the head of your little birthday girl & she’ll feel like queen for a day.

For more fun craft ideas & suggestions on how to use your Light Ups, check back often!  ‘Til next time, my light craft amigos…

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