Light Ups Make Easter Fun! Fill That Basket With LED Goodies.

Hiddy ho, Easter peeps!

When was the last time you had this much Easter fun, huh?  Light-Ups aren’t commonly used for daytime holidays, but that’s really changed this year thanks to a broader selection of spring themed goodies.  The LED lights in these springtime party favors are bright enough to shine through even when the sun’s still up, and I’m happy to report it only took 5 minutes to construct the following Easter Fun Basket o’ Goodies:

Easter fun INDEED – “kids love it” would be an understatement.  Crafty mom’s went crazy for it on our company Facebook, so now I’m thinkin’ about making a birthday gift basket for another blog entry and fun giveaway…show y’all how to do this year-round style, for it really is such a unique & thoughtful gift.  Here’s the BREAKDOWN of what’s in our DIY Easter Fun Basket:

*     *    *

Blinky Fairy & Butterfly Wings – Wonderfully whimsical!

Twinkle & Shine Wand – Fiber optics are magical & really fun to wave in the air.  You’ll be surprised at just how beautiful they look in front of your face (see end of this post for details).  These same light fibers are found in most LED party centerpieces – another treat perfect for your Easter dinner table.

Butterfly Lights – Enhances gift baskets in an instant, plus fun for crafts!

LED Flowers – Also with mystical/magical fiber optics inside.  We have quite the selection of light up blooms, so check them all before making your decision.

LED Easter Eggs – Doodle on them with ANYTHING; markers even!  I used glitter glue above.  This can be done to our deco balls too, which sell well year round for house parties & big events.  Same can be said for our deco balls on stakes – lovely for planting along walkways & placing throughout the garden, shown below.  Very dreamy, these light orbs – the slow color change function in particular is too cool for school…

Last but certainly not least, Light Up Bunny Ears – Fuzzy wuzzy cuteness in 4 different styles.  And folks, they’re not just for kids, nor just for lady bunnies!  They’re a unisex party favor all the way, as our dear dude customers have shown us – why thank you, fellas:

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

P.S. LED Pinwheels were out of stock when I was assembling the magical Easter basket above, but they’re back in stock NOW, so check ’em oooouuuut.  Super springtime favorite!