DIY Centerpieces Go Glam With Lights!

DIY Centerpieces make holiday get-togethers muy magical.  Whether placing one magnificent piece on a snack table where guests help themselves to egg nog, or scattering a few pieces along a buffet table where you’ll feast with good company, DIY centerpieces go a long way making your holiday extra cozy, welcoming & unforgettable. Check out these fun centerpiece ideas done with LED lights…

Light Up Deco Balls stacked in glass cylinders which can be found at one of those bargain dollar stores no doubt.  The balls are slooowly changing color here – just imagine the morphing in person.  It is VERY groovy, baby.

This here’s reminiscent of classic DIY Centerpieces spotted here on Pinterest, just replace old school ornaments with our LED Deco Balls, or mix the 2 together.  A wide/short jar-like vase & decorative beads are easy to find at your local craft store.* BONUS: You can set our Deco Balls on steady single colors!  It’s a must when matching DIY Centerpieces to a color scheme, like for a wedding reception or big birthday bash.  Many thanks to our customer Evelyn Fernandez for submitting the pic above!

Here’s my latest light craft made with the same affordable glowing orbs.  Deck the halls with Deco Balls!  I was improvising here, after browsing Pinterest for ideas, and I’m pretty pleased with the result.  To recreate, get a styrofoam cone shape from the craft store – this will act as the skeleton.  Next get some LED Orbs With Stake; might I suggest 24 pieces (it really depends on the size tree you’re goin’ for…)  Then plant them all over the styrofoam core & fill any empty spots with regular ol’ shiny tree ornaments.

Did you know we have a rechargeable JUMBO version of the LED Deco Ball?  My little buddy Elise is a big fan because she gets to change the color like a boss – it comes with remote control.  Pinky lavender is her favorite.  My personal fave is the slow color change.

* BONUS:  These big beauties safely float in water.  AND they come with a recharging dock + large detachable stake for planting light orbs in the ground as garden decor.  OH yes, ’tis quite the magical treasure and I’m totally happy I bought one for my own home.

‘Til next time.  Keep on craftin’, light loves!  Happy happy holidays & ring us should you have any further questions – we love to help.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki, Pro Bargain Hunter & Light Crafter Extraordinaire


Add Lights & Glow To Your Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas!

ATTN: fun parents & party people!

In need of new & improved funny Elf On The Shelf ideas this Christmas? We’ve got light up stocking stuffers so perfect for this.  Wait a minute – do you even know what Elf On The Shelf is??  For those out of the loop, check it out:

What started as a children’s book is now a silly/awesome holiday tradition.  We love silly/awesome, it’s kind of our thing…  Rumor has it Santa sends elves out into the world to spy on kids (um, kinda creepy), and that is how he knows who’s naughty or nice. Naturally elves get into mischief, they so crazy, so parents keep up this game of placing their kid’s elf doll in wacky scenarios every morning in December.  Kiddos can’t wait to wake up & find out what their funny Elf On The Shelf was up to overnight!  Grown-ups are no exception, and I for one LOVE THIS THANG.  I plan on keeping it up year ’round strictly to amuse my husband who is also a giant little kid:

Meet Gnome MacDonald. Magical protector of fiber LED centerpieces.

Duck & monkey BFFs. This year they’re delivering light up gifts in place of Santa & his reindeer.  Don’t worry about it, they’re professionals.

Mele Kalikimaka!  It’s the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.

Obviously, I had to improvise with the characters found around my house.  But I’ve officially added a creepy elf doll to my Christmas list (wuddup, Santa).  You really can use any funny toy or doll for this.  For more funny Elf On The Shelf ideas, meet us over at Pinterest, where the ideas are plentiful and not just for kids anymore…

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki Claus