FBL’s TOP 10 New Years Party Ideas

What’s up, posh party animals!  Welcome to FBL’s Top 10 countdown.  Allow us to help you narrow down the grand selection of New Years Party Ideas floatin’ around out there.  NYE is thee greatest party night, when the future’s lookin’ bright & the world seals the deal with a smooch at midnight.  How optimistic of mankind, sign me UP.  Onward with our Top 10 countdown of the best New Years Party Ideas! Of course they’re all light up…

#10 – FBL’s jumbo LED cube furniture acts as both end table & seat, your choice.  They make party guests say “WHOA”, plus use them over & over again well into the year – they recharge!  Every night!  Comes with remote control too for color changin’ – swanky.new_years_party_idea_1

#9 – Champagne Flutes.  Naturally!  Not much else to say here but *CLINK* bottoms up!  Cheers, dears.

#8 – Should our Champagne Flutes sell out for the season (totally happens close to the holiday), then FEAR NOT, for we have 2 other lovely styles of color change LED Champagne Glasses, and then some – so many cool shapes, take your pick.

#7 – Magical LED Fiber Optics for your hair!  Small, affordable crowd pleasers.  I always have a couple in my purse, and when I clip them in at a bar or restaurant, EVERY lass in the place must know where I got ’em.  ‘Tis a lovely little product I stand by wholeheartedly.new_years_party_idea_4

#6 – What would New Years Eve be without some classic starburst-shaped LED Headbands?  It would be boring, that’s what. Perfect for both men & women, half come with blue flashing lights & half come with red flashing  lights.  If you’re looking for something a little more fabulous, might I suggest sparkling LED New Years Tiaras.

#5 – Light Up Bow Ties for all dapper gentlemen in the house!  Ladies rock ’em too.  Many colors to choose from.  Aw yeah, high fashion.

#4 – Mega stylin’ Non-Light up Black Fedora!  Do you love it, or do you love it?  (Ya love it.)  We do too.


#3 – Body Lights” as we call them.  Mega affordable when buying for a large crowd, and our customers get crazy crafty with ’em.  These sweet FBL customers knock my socks off!  Some come as lapel pins, but we put our New Years body lights on a simple lanyard necklace so you don’t have to pierce holes in your nice evening wear.  You’re welcome, black tie events, got you in mind always.

#2 – New Year party shades, nuff said!

And the winnah winnah chicken dinnah of FBL’s Top 10 countdown of New Year’s Party Ideas IS…

#1 – Sparkling LED Fedora Hats, BAM!  Yes, those are our customers, and what a smashing event to have been a part of.  (Click the image to see it bigger & better…)  Light Up Sequin Fedoras are a show stopper every time, plus available in lots of colors.  Silver’s my favorite since it matches everything and looks like a disco ball…

 ‘Til next time, party people!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki