Biking At Night? LED Bike Lights To The Rescue.

Calling all bike enthusiasts! LED Bike Lights are blowin’ up at FBL, and what better time to show you our affordable selection than Bike Safety Month.  May is the time to spread awareness & pick up some new LED Bike Lights, like these smart night bikers who frequent our neighborhood.  Let’s hear it for Los Angeles drivers learning to share the road!

City bicyclists obviously need LED Bike Lights.  Yes, plural. TRUTH.  Do people even bike at night without ’em??  You’d have to be straight-up loco to go without nowadays, I mean even out in the boonies & far from civilization, you have got to be seen.  “PROTECT YA NECK” a wise man once told me.  (Why thank you, Wu-Tang sirs.  Inspectah Deck’s on the set.)  Allow us to demonstrate with FBL’s rad selection of LED Bike Lights.

Multicolor LED Bike Light SKU #11808 is oh so popular due to it’s eye-catchin’ vivid colors, and a plethora of flash options.  We’re talkin’ strobe flash, scrolling flash forward, scrolling flash backward, random blinks, all colors on a calm steady setting & more.  7 total.  Suh-weet.



LED Red Tail Light SKU #11809 has a classic sleek look, nothin’ too out there & gets right to the point for surrounding cars. Choose from a few different flashes, plus a steady light.  This piece happens to have a custom logo on it.  Click to enlarge – check out that beautiful print!  Yup, our custom team’s the best.


Next up, we’ve got Flashing LED Valve Lights SKU #11810. Just wee little guys, but they look way cool as they spin, with that spacey spiral down the center of each acrylic tube. Though smaller than our other Bike Lights, Valve LEDs are all-mighty, sure to keep you visible & safe.  Valve Lights come in pairs when you purchase quantity 1, FYI. What a deal.

 For those more into wearable lights, we carry LED Arm Bands now, SKU # 11812.  Originally made for Night Runs, Glow Runs, Rave Runs & the like, we find they’re a big hit with bicyclists too.  Also comes in red, blue, green, and the latest color installment, PINK.

Thanks for stoppin’ by, bike buds.  Y’all be safe out there, be good to each other, and leave a comment below if we can help you with anything else.  Always here to help…

Happy biking ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Craft Your Own Party Hat! You Can Do It. I Believe In You…

Isn’t it nice to have someone believe in you?  I will be that person for you on this magical journey, dear crafters.  Let me be your guide into the land of Extreme Party Hat Craftin’.  I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again:  LIGHTS.  ARE.  ESSENTIAL.  And don’t you forget it.  A blinged-out party hat is excellent for whimsical tea parties, Mardi Gras carnivals & night time festivals where creativity is king.  So get yourself a simple novelty top hat & FUNk it up.  Here’s my latest creation, do you love it, or do you love it?

Party Hat MAGICAL INGREDIENTS straight from the shelves of FBL:

1.) 76″ battery powered LED String Lights for crafts & table decor.  We have many shapes & colors, but white stars are my favorite.  Shines a brilliant steady light, easy on the eyes.

2.) Inexpensive non-light up Mardi Gras Beads.  All experienced Mardi Gras peeps know they’re a glue gun’s best friend – attach them to anything.  Makes for a cool colorful lining in particular.  Pinterest taught me well!  (< Find ours right there, y’all.)

3.) The rest of my flair was found for cheap online (top hat) & at my local craft store (everythang else).  Seriously just gather & glue, gather & glue, it’s that simple.  Use tinsel garland, glitter ribbon, faux flowers, decorative birds, sparkle butterflies, I’ve even got a garden gnome in there – ello:


Don’t forget feathers, y’owl!


Baby bird’s ready for his close-up.  Sweet lil’ dude.


Crafty WORDS O’ WISDOM:  Before you start gluing, and looking at all the junk/treasures accumulated, you may panic for a second, thinking “WHERE do I begin?!”   Hey.  Chill.  And just glue – glue like the wind!  Take it one piece at a time and know you really can’t mess this up, for the funkier the better.


So how about it, party animals, are you ready to make your own?  Give it a go.  I’d love to see what you come up with.  Let’s keep in touch – leave a comment below.  ‘Til next time…


Flashing Blinky Nikki, at your service.