DIY Lighting with FBL String Lights

Welcome back, light lovers.  Gotta show you these classic ideas for mood lighting on a budget.  “Do It Yourself” is the way to go, and DIY Lighting can be quite simple with a couple key ingredients:  #1) flowing drapes, be it ready-made curtain panels or cheap tulle cut at the fabric store, and #2) sparkling bright LED Indoor String Lights by FBL.  Check out these relaxing ideas for DIY lighting in the home.  Cool, calm & collected:



Aaaahhhh, I can feel my stress levels drop and blood pressure simmer down just looking at these peaceful images.  It’s my Happy Place.  To recreate the look of this magical DIY Lighting, hang fabric to your liking, and as you hang the string lights on top, follow the flow of the fabric.  Drape together & prepare to chill.  Budget DIY lighting like so isn’t just great for relaxing moments at home, but also high school proms, photo booths at wedding receptions, and the office believe it or not – FBL knows quite a bit about that and cannot recommend it enough.

HELPFUL HINTS about FBL’s Indoor LED String Lights!  What makes them special:

arrowneonLEDs don’t heat up, therefore totally safe adding them to fabric. Remember old Christmas lights and how hot they’d get while running up your electric bill?  Yeaaaaah, don’t use those.  Like ever again.  I mean it.  Listen to your Auntie Nikki…

arrowneonThese little orb light strands come with a button near the plug for mixing up the light function if you wish.  So pick calm steady lighting shown above, or move on to smooth chasing lights, or flashing blinky function great for dance parties, whatever you want! Yay options.

arrowneonIf you fancy something a little more funky, check out FBL’s Light Curtain Backdrop pictured below.  Their strand is shorter, a good size for running along refreshment tables at a party, drape along a window top like garland, or attach to the headboard of your bed.  Its continuous color change function is out of this worrrrld!

‘Til next time.  Chill on, light lovers ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki