Halloween Party Tip: Light Up Bottles For Eerie Mood Lighting

moon How do you doooo, boys & ghouls?  Can you believe it’s already time to prep for Halloween Party season?  Where oh where did the summer go?  And would you believe that a lot of our spooky Light Ups are selling out already?!  Dang.  Alright, enough with the questions, let’s get down to business and explore this incredibly simple & magically effective Halloween party tip. It’s my favorite for the spooky season, plus keep on scrollin’ to enjoy some past faves below, worth revisiting…

Now this spectacular light magic can be done with wine bottles (white over red), vodka bottles, tequila bottles, juice bottles, whatever yummy drinks you plan on treating your Halloween Party guests to.  If it’s translucent & the bottle heavy, it can & will be lit up by this new FBL favorite.  Being the frugal shopper I am, I hit the 99 Cents Store & bought a few decorative empties for my own Halloween party (I celebrate year round). The sloooow color change of our multicolor LED Light Base looks amazing in person:


CaptureRAD.  The DIY paper labels were easy too.  With a quick Pinterest search, you can find lots of spooky drink labels.  I saved a bunch for y’all over on our Halloween board – check that out.  Each image takes you to the blogger who was kind enough to create & share their labels.  From there, all you have to do is print, cut, and tape or paste those babies on blank bottles.  Should our Multicolor Light Bases fly off the shelves this season, keep in mind we have chill steady blue, steady white, and our most recent purple LED Light Base that’s excellent for making tonic water glow.  Purple LED lights make neon containers glow too, much like UV lighting – extra awesome for Glow Parties.

Before you go, take a trip down memory lane.  Here’s more fun ideas for your Halloween party – click on each image to travel back in time:


Want a REAL unique costume this year? Easy-attach LED lights turn heads + help you win costume contests, yes, plural.  We’ve got clip-on LEDs, and flat-back LEDs for attaching any way you wish, crafters.




Decorative decals or appliques, like this sparkly spider, can be added to Fiber Optic Light Up Hair Clips.  SUCH a Halloween treat – definitely got candy beat.  Don’t you dare skip this one – take a closer look at those magical fibers, folks…



Create spooky monster GLOWING EYES to strategically place in bushes and shrubs leading up to your doorway on party night.  Trick-or-treaters will go wild for this simple DIY special effect…




Big ol’ scary toy spiders in glowing specimen jars, EEK!  The secret to this simple effect is stretched out cotton balls placed over submersible LED lights, or some prefer glow sticks.


‘Til next time, my light craft amigos!  Halloween PARTY ON.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki