Dress Up Ugly Christmas Sweaters with Clip-On LEDs!


Deck the halls with tacky sweaters!  Also known as Ugly Christmas Sweaters, but gosh, isn’t that a bit harsh?  Ugly Christmas Sweaters nowadays are less tacky, more funny and can get quite fashionable, plus they’re pretty simple and inexpensive to create on your own.  Viva DIY!  Last year I needed one in a jiffy, but scoured thrift stores too close to the holiday, found nothin’ but plain sweaters.  No biggee!  Took matters into my own hands:

Eat your heart out, Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  A plain sweater will do just fine when matched with creativity.  Needle & thread is all ya need to attach Christmas garland around collar, bottom hem & sleeve ends.  Or if you’re in a super hurry, consider safety pins.  For the final touch, clip-on LED blinkies and prepare to party.  I reinforced each LED clip with a dab of hot glue in the garland since I knew there’d be dancing at some point.  Can’t have my lights falling off mid-Running Man.  If flash is not your thing, consider our chilled-out Candy Lites with steady lighting – an Ugly Christmas Sweater favorite.


A LIL’ BACKSTORY for those new to the U.C.S. phenomenon:  these things were seriously popular in the ’80s & ’90s.  No…seriously.  Without lights unfortunately.  Then as time progressed and senses of humor ripened, a massive second wind has taken over the nation, and this kitschy fad is here to stay.  It doesn’t get much nerdier than this.  And nowadays nerdy is way cool.  Right, Matt Damon?


 Let’s check out more fab Christmas Sweater creations.  TGFL!  (Thank goodness for lights…they really do take this trend next level…)

Wellsphere put together an easy-to-follow tutorial.  Hey, I recognize that nose!


Macaroni & Cheesecake’s take on an “Ugly” Christmas Sweater.  Very manly, plus extra fast (see the safety pins?  Ain’t no shame!).  Very resourceful.  TCB in a flash.


Cassie Stephens says forget the sweater!  Keep it dressy.  Good call, girl.  I am so lovin’ this and vow to try it myself – thanks for the inspiration.


A Preppy State of Mind kept with the skirt idea.  Bows galore – stick ’em everywhere!  Ya really can’t mess this up, for the “tackier” the better.  I prefer to call it festive.  Gotta try this with our fancy Fiber Optic Gift Bows!


Nestful of Love came up with a grand idea for a DIY photo booth.  The backdrop is taped-up wrapping paper, and the prop is a big ol’ thrift store frame wrapped with LED string lights.  It’s almost too easy.  And absolutely effective.  Note to self for FBL‘s company Christmas party…


This is JUST the tip of the iceberg.  If you’ve got ideas in the works but are unsure where to start, cruise Pinterest or Google Images and get inspired!  The selection is immense, most of it DIY (proud of you, crafters), and so much of it can be done spur-of-the-moment.  Should you need help assembling your own, hit me up in the comments below – I’m always here to help.  ‘Til next time!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Time To Get Cozy! Fall Decor Has Arrived.

leavesHalloween’s long gone, the month is flying by and we’ve moved onto Fall Decor fit for a Thanksgiving feast.  Leave those uncarved pumpkins out ’til December, add autumn leaves in warm shades of amber, orange & red, plus a touch of glitter – gotta have that glitz.  And the final touch for fall decor to make guests feel right at home?  Inviting lights are key.  Make sure it’s LED!


Cozy and safe, now that’s Fall Decor perfection.  Candles have been a holiday staple since, like, the beginning of time.  But the times are a’changin’ and safety must come first.  Pretty sure your Thanksgiving party will pass out in the living room after copious amounts of tryptophan a.k.a. turkey magic…and don’t even get me started on them curious kiddos (and pets!) who go exploring when the adults aren’t looking.  So won’t it be a relief to trust your fall decor is chillin’ safely as you “party” Thanksgiving away?  When it comes to hot flames versus cool LED lighting, LED always wins.


Well lookie there, I improved upon something that was already pretty to begin with!  FBL’s Amber LED String Lights are so simple to add, this seriously took me 1 minute.  Its safe copper wire string bends into place and keeps its shape, so it’s great for wreath crafts, Christmas garland, all that holiday jazz.  Now that you’re familiar with 2 of our seasonal favorites, let’s check out more fun ideas to put ’em to use.  Props to the craft blogs:


Revel Blog turned colorful gourds into tea light candle holders.  Brilliant!fall_decor2


Spark & Chemistry taught us that Mason Jars + Mod Podged leaves = DIY candle holders.  Rustic chic!fall_decor1


Style Me Pretty beautifully captured tea lights hung from rustic branches.  How romantic!falldecor6


Refinery29 put LED wire string lights inside hangable terrariums.  Love that angular shape!  Anything prism shaped is going to accentuate your lights’ shine like WHOA.



Cheryl Style‘s crafty cool ice bucket has nada to do with candles, nor lights, but I sure am in love with the idea.  Note to self: recreate with your own LED Ice Cubes, missy, DO IT.fall_decor3


French Basketeer made their very own stairway to Heaven.  Hellooooo lovely CHRISTMAS decor!  It’ll be here in the blink of an eye, don’t fight the feeling…falldecorstairway


We’ll be back with more fab DIY light decor as we get into the Christmas season, so  SUBSCRIBE to the FBL blog (upper right corner *wink*) and get automatic updates when we post new crafty goodness.  Love to the regulars – FBL appreciates you!  Many thanks, guys & gals.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Turkey Crafts Are Back! LED Turkeys Light Up Thanksgiving

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy Turkey Crafts.  What better way to bond with the kiddos this fall! It’s an adorable tradition:  remember tracing your hand as a kid and turning each finger into a colorful feather?  Then doodle a face on the thumb, sketch a pilgrim hat on top and proudly displaying that masterpiece on the fridge. Well nowadays, things have changed. Turkey crafts get a makeover!


Check out our new & improved feathered friend.  I do declare it thee most fabulous of all Turkey Crafts.  The body glows a fantastical magical color changing light, and the body parts were simple to make with foam glitter paper found at the craft store.  Kids will love to use their turkey crafts as seasonal night lights, plus make extras to use as thoughtful gifts when visiting someone’s home for a Thanksgiving feast.

Here’s what you’ll need, crafty mamas & papas:

  1. An LED orb light globe from FBL (has flattened base, like a desk lamp).
  2. Kid safe scissors if your little one is big enough to help cut.
  3. Craft glue, strong double stick tape, OR hot glue if an adult is 100% in charge.
  4. A pack of glitter paper found at craft stores, OR construction paper, OR white paper your kids can color in themselves like a coloring book!  Options.  Love that.

Click on this image   >>>>>> to see the FULL SIZE printable template for your LED turkey crafts.  Before you print, check that it takes up 1 full page.  That will ensure his lil’ body parts print out the perfect size for our light orb.  Also take note:  the shape used for his feet are also the shape used for his wings, so make 4 of those total.

And there you have it!  Happy crafting, my friends!  Should you need any further tips to perfect your light craft, leave a comment below.  I’m always here to help and answer fast. Plus SUBSCRIBE to the FBL blog so you don’t miss a thing, and stay tuned for more seasonal light crafts!  Oh boy do I have much more in store for you…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki