Adorable Affordable Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day


Ready to spoil the sweethearts in your life?  It won’t take much money.  Fresh unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day used to be hard to come by, but now that we live in the age of LED party supplies, the decision is simple:  light up your love life!

Talk about a feel-good moment.  You may get showered with hugs & kisses in return – you have been warned.  Here are more of my own personal favorite Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Pink LED Light Beads.  Our deluxe style’s accentuated by shiny purple & silver beads throughout.  Or go with our lower cost 1-color version — got pink & red, plus even more colors for other holidays!  IT’S A HIT:Deluxe_LED_Beads

Glowing Red Roses.  Hand ’em out 1-by-1 to make many smile, or gather a bunch in a vase for a super cool bouquet your sweetheart will love:LED_red_rose

Color Change LED Deco Roses, and these ones safely float in water.  Ooo-lala!  Romance is alive & well when these babies are set adrift:color_change_LED_deco_floating_roses

Le Groovy Heart Ring.  Its lights flash like a heartbeat, so its a tiny yet mega-eye-catching lil’ treat, plus buying it in bulk is gonna be mega affordable.  Pop these in some party goodie bags along with candy and traditional Valentine cards, done & done:10403_groovy_heart_ring_600

Sparkling LED Acrylic Heart Necklace is the bee’s knees!  I mean, it’s got glitter in it.  How can one go wrong when there’s glitter involved?  It’s just not possible…10558_acrylic_heart_necklacev9_600

One year, I took those same glittery heart charms off their lanyard necklaces and attached each to my store-bought Valentine cards – ain’t that a cute idea? :gift_ideas_valentines_day

For those in the crafty spirit, check this cute/simple gift idea:

  • Get a silk flower from the craft store,
  • Chop off its back, making it flat as possible,
  • Adhere a clamp-like hair clip to the back (hot glue has always worked for me),
  • Then the best part:  glue a Slow Color Change LED in the flower’s center, pop it in your locks, and get ready to rock & roll:


It’s almost TOO easy!  ‘Til next time, lovebirds.  Drop me a line in the comment field if you need help with your holiday light crafts – I am always here to help.  And don’t forget to visit our Pinterest too, chock full of cool ideas.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki