The Ultimate Halloween Party Pack!

Halloween is just around the corner! It’s hard picking and choosing when we offer soo-o-o-o many party favors for Halloween. Which is why we put together the party pack blog for you!

Our Halloween Light Ups allow both children and adults to decorate, accessorize, and revamp any costume or event. Ideal for trick-or-treating handouts or even party favors, our exclusive collection of Halloween toys is extremely versatile and can perform in any setting. Whether you’re looking to score first place at a costume party or just want to spice up your front yard for the trick-or-treaters, these Halloween lights will exceed your expectations, without costing you a fortune. Check it out!

You can’t have Halloween without Pumpkins! Including:

Jack-o-lantern craft lights  : Place LED Craft Lights in the base of floral arrangements, bedazzled water centerpieces, or Halloween carved pumpkin. Power them on before your guests arrive and watch as the environment is transformed.

Purple Crafty string lights : A beautiful and elegant way to bring a hypnotic atmosphere to any room or occasion. Add bright Purple LED Fairy Lights to DIY wedding centerpieces, light costumes and all kinds of crafty creations.

Moving Flame LED Candle  set the mood for a romantic evening & a myriad of events!

LED Taper Candlesare a mood-setting decor piece.

Looking for decorations to impress your trick-or-treaters?

We have Ghost and Pumpkin light up centerpieces along with 76″ Ghost string lights that will light up AND stylize your walkway! See them in action:

Can’t forget all the New and HOT Halloween goodies!

  • Light the way with our Jack-o-lantern pumpkin wand! It’s also a great and fun way to keep the little ones seen at night!

  • Here’s a fun treat for the adults: Glowing Light-up Skull ring! Cause if you like it then you should put a ring on it right? Hand em out as treats and people will be losing heads! Get it?
  • The perfect bucket for the trick or treaters! We have our new Pumpkin Light Handle Halloween bucket that’s selling out FAST. You might want to grab one now before it’s gone.

  • I know you’re spotting a few magical light-up bottles in the pictures… those are our Crafty Cork Bottle lights that could turn any regular bottles into a magical decor for your party!

We wish we could show you guys ALL the products but some things are best left as a surprise! And it would be a lo-o-o-o-o-ng read.

Get ready to light up your Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone! ELLY OUT.