Happy 2019 from Team FBL!

It’s a few days til New Years Eve! Are you getting ready for your party?
If not, no worries; FBL is here to help! Get ready to light up the special night with our hottest New Years Party favors!

Can’t go into the New Years without the Light up 2019 Party Glasses! The classic number glasses have gotten an upgrade!

Welcome the new year in STYLE with our 2019 light up glasses. Ditch the paper number glasses this year and upgrade with our assorted color 2019 glasses.

A fun assortment of different colored frames with LEDs to share with family and friends, or simply to give out as party favors! AND it’s as low as $2.49 each. Get yours HERE.

One other thing you can’t forget when it comes to NYE partying is… Drinks! Leave the red solo cups in your drawer this year and upgrade your game for the new years.

Our Still White Light champagne Glass is the most elegant & fun addition to your NYE party. It’ll have your guest mesmerized all night long. You don’t need fireworks to have a light up party!

The most fun thing to do before a party is to GLAM UP! And we’re definitely here to help you with that also. Introducing… our Top 3 Glam party favors starting with the Tinsel Light up Halo Crown Headband. Our Tinsel crowns are new this year and already going out FAST, grab yours before it’s too late!

Got your hair and nails done? Now it’s time to finish off the look with our Vintage Style Luxury Light up Necklace! Be a vision of beauty in this Statement Necklace and dazzle in alluring light up pearls.
Last but not least, our BOAS! The ultimate ‘Go big or go home accessory. It’s totally high fashion when you wear the Pink Glam Light up Faux Fur Boa. Make a statement this New Years Eve party and shine brightly into the New Year.

Happy 2019! ELLY OUT.

Light Up Your Space DIY

Whether it be a workspace area or a desk in your dorm room, everyone has their own personal space where they spend the majority of their time at. So why not make it special? FBL is here to help you out! Introducing…

We’re here today to show you a few tips and also products that come in handy when decorating your desk. We can start with our NEW and HOT, Pink Neon Love LED Sign!

Light Up Pink Neon Love LED Sign

Spread the Love!

The Neon Decor makes for a great desk piece with a truly wonderful message to share with the people you love! Gift it to a friend going off to college, a coworker in need of a new desk or just get it for your own desk at home! It works as a great night light and comes connected to a USB port for easy usage! ( See it on our Instagram )


Get Groovy & Glittery!

Now, this lamp will bring your desk to a whole different level. We stare and play with this lamp all the time when we’re on hold, during a break and even just cause!

Give it a shake and watch the sparkly flecks swirl and float around for hours along with the slow changing LED lights. As you can see on the sped-up GIF on the right, the lamp is definitely the perfect accessory to have on any office desk. It’s affordable, no battery hassle AND comes in the perfect size for any desk.
Try it out!

Are you ready for the next decor? It’s definitely one of our hottest product! To make up for the Marquee box you always wanted… we’re introducing our newest product yet:

6″ x 4″ Mini Marquee USB LED Lightbox!

You want to get these ASAP because they will sell out for SURE. This little mini LED Lightbox make the perfect stocking stuffer anyone of any age can use for the upcoming Holidays. Well then, it’s time to start decorating!

P.S. We also have a new 13′ USB Fairy Light made especially for Desk decor! Simply plug into your USB port and watch it glow! It’s ambient lighting so it’s slow changing and also not straining to your eye. It makes the perfect gift combo along with the LOVE neon sign! Okay, done for real now! XOXO