DIY Light up Easter Egg for the most epic Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter season y’all! Grab your Light up eggs and baskets, it’s time to make this Easter a one to remember. Surprise your family this Spring by adding a splash of light & color this Easter!

DIY Light up Easter Egg

As shown in the video, the instructions cannot be any more simple. Simply get a no-smudge marker or Sharpie, draw on the egg, let it dry, and display or hide for the most epic Egg hunt! Take a look at the final batch:

The fun did NOT end here for the creative FBL team! Anyone fan of the #Dragon show coming out soon? Can’t say the name for copyright reasons but you all know what we’re talking about! All I can say is that we had a blast making some #Dragon eggs!

Not feeling eggs? We have our new Deco Star Light Table decoration that is also marker friendly and our best selling all time favorite Mood Deco ball that can also work! In fact, check out this cute Jack Skellington we made for Halloween!

That’s all for today! Happy Spring everyone! ELLY OUT.

Hoppy Days Are Here Again With LED Easter DECOrations!

Weather’s warmin’ up, the sun’s setting later, and FBL Easter Decorations are a delight on spring nights.  Of course we’ve got those cute lil’ low cost novelties you fill Easter baskets with, but did you know we’ve got large-and-in-charge Light Decor that looks cool all season long?  Prepare for more outdoor hangouts when you party with glowing Easter decorations and “Deco” lights!


Yes sirree, time to break out the FBL “Deco” products.  They are Easter Decoration perfection, with their smooth white shells and ambient color change lights.  The 3″ perfect circles seen above float in water and look nice planted in grass.  Line a walkway with those babies before a party and watch your guests freak out!  In a great way.  We’ve also got oval shaped “decos” to hide in the garden for an Easter egg hunt at dusk.  Words cannot describe just how much kids looooove an event planned with LED Deco Eggs.  Check out how they accentuate an Easter Basket:

easterdecorationslightupeggsMAGIC.  They sell out every year, so act fast, Easter enthusiasts…

Here’s the queen of all Decos:  our jumbo Glowing Orb of Enchantment, measures 10″ in diameter.  This beauty’s absolutely worth its price because it recharges nightly, so no money spent on batteries, it changes color by remote control, and it floats in pools & ponds once removed from charging dock – just dry it off between uses.


I bought my own rechargeable jumbo Deco Ball when it was new here at FBL, so we’re talkin’ many years ago, and I’m still using it I am proud to say.  We made a great product!  My magical orb lamp brings me a lot of joy at home, and new house guests always “ooo” and “ahh” at it.  Even my grumpy cat enjoys it!  What a sassy sphinx.


Why yes ^that^ is a true white setting, in addition to the multitudes of rainbow colors I can choose from.  I hear party planners and production coordinators really need that bright white, so we’re pleased to offer it in our recharging Deco Ball.  The customer speaks, and we listen!


^^^ Also great for Halloween…

Speaking of that essential customer feedback, got any for me?  The comment field below is the perfect way to quickly let us know what you need.  If you’ve got a cool new light craft idea, or are searching for an LED product but just keep striking out, I can help!  Let’s stay in touch, honey bunnies.  Cheers, mates, enjoy your Easter!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Light Ups Make Easter Fun! Fill That Basket With LED Goodies.

Hiddy ho, Easter peeps!

When was the last time you had this much Easter fun, huh?  Light-Ups aren’t commonly used for daytime holidays, but that’s really changed this year thanks to a broader selection of spring themed goodies.  The LED lights in these springtime party favors are bright enough to shine through even when the sun’s still up, and I’m happy to report it only took 5 minutes to construct the following Easter Fun Basket o’ Goodies:

Easter fun INDEED – “kids love it” would be an understatement.  Crafty mom’s went crazy for it on our company Facebook, so now I’m thinkin’ about making a birthday gift basket for another blog entry and fun giveaway…show y’all how to do this year-round style, for it really is such a unique & thoughtful gift.  Here’s the BREAKDOWN of what’s in our DIY Easter Fun Basket:

*     *    *

Blinky Fairy & Butterfly Wings – Wonderfully whimsical!

Twinkle & Shine Wand – Fiber optics are magical & really fun to wave in the air.  You’ll be surprised at just how beautiful they look in front of your face (see end of this post for details).  These same light fibers are found in most LED party centerpieces – another treat perfect for your Easter dinner table.

Butterfly Lights – Enhances gift baskets in an instant, plus fun for crafts!

LED Flowers – Also with mystical/magical fiber optics inside.  We have quite the selection of light up blooms, so check them all before making your decision.

LED Easter Eggs – Doodle on them with ANYTHING; markers even!  I used glitter glue above.  This can be done to our deco balls too, which sell well year round for house parties & big events.  Same can be said for our deco balls on stakes – lovely for planting along walkways & placing throughout the garden, shown below.  Very dreamy, these light orbs – the slow color change function in particular is too cool for school…

Last but certainly not least, Light Up Bunny Ears – Fuzzy wuzzy cuteness in 4 different styles.  And folks, they’re not just for kids, nor just for lady bunnies!  They’re a unisex party favor all the way, as our dear dude customers have shown us – why thank you, fellas:

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

P.S. LED Pinwheels were out of stock when I was assembling the magical Easter basket above, but they’re back in stock NOW, so check ’em oooouuuut.  Super springtime favorite!

Party Decor Takes Flight With A Butterfly Light!

How do you do, dear crafters?  Back with more light decoration ideas.  This time we’re exploring the dainty & decorative butterfly light with color change wings.  Each discounted wholesale pack of 12 has an assortment of wing designs; 6 different wings to be exact.  Just what can one do with an LED butterfly light?  Thanks to the battery pack shaped like a tea light candle,          so much!

The most simple & classic way to display your butterfly light is to place some in a tea light candle holder – perfect fit & very zen:

Add a butterfly light to a garden party centerpiece & surround with greenery, shiny beads or river stones for a magical night time touch:

If you’re planning a princess theme or butterfly theme party, place them all about as party favors for others to help themselves to, or drop one in each goody bag with other princess accessories, for little girls REALLY love light butterflies (plus there is a screw on the battery house for safety – its replaceable batteries stay inside when little hands get curious):

For my own personal party wear, I hot glued a butterfly light to our whimsical fairy princess feather halo for a unique hippy headband no one else will have: I gently curled the ribbons with scissors + hot glued to the back 4 cut-up pieces of Mardi Gras beads.  I also hot glued some fake flowers around the butterfly to hide the battery house.  Then end result?  Fabulous!  Easy!  Inexpensive!  Place one on the head of your little birthday girl & she’ll feel like queen for a day.

For more fun craft ideas & suggestions on how to use your Light Ups, check back often!  ‘Til next time, my light craft amigos…

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki