Hoppy Days Are Here Again With LED Easter DECOrations!

Weather’s warmin’ up, the sun’s setting later, and FBL Easter Decorations are a delight on spring nights.  Of course we’ve got those cute lil’ low cost novelties you fill Easter baskets with, but did you know we’ve got large-and-in-charge Light Decor that looks cool all season long?  Prepare for more outdoor hangouts when you party with glowing Easter decorations and “Deco” lights!


Yes sirree, time to break out the FBL “Deco” products.  They are Easter Decoration perfection, with their smooth white shells and ambient color change lights.  The 3″ perfect circles seen above float in water and look nice planted in grass.  Line a walkway with those babies before a party and watch your guests freak out!  In a great way.  We’ve also got oval shaped “decos” to hide in the garden for an Easter egg hunt at dusk.  Words cannot describe just how much kids looooove an event planned with LED Deco Eggs.  Check out how they accentuate an Easter Basket:

easterdecorationslightupeggsMAGIC.  They sell out every year, so act fast, Easter enthusiasts…

Here’s the queen of all Decos:  our jumbo Glowing Orb of Enchantment, measures 10″ in diameter.  This beauty’s absolutely worth its price because it recharges nightly, so no money spent on batteries, it changes color by remote control, and it floats in pools & ponds once removed from charging dock – just dry it off between uses.


I bought my own rechargeable jumbo Deco Ball when it was new here at FBL, so we’re talkin’ many years ago, and I’m still using it I am proud to say.  We made a great product!  My magical orb lamp brings me a lot of joy at home, and new house guests always “ooo” and “ahh” at it.  Even my grumpy cat enjoys it!  What a sassy sphinx.


Why yes ^that^ is a true white setting, in addition to the multitudes of rainbow colors I can choose from.  I hear party planners and production coordinators really need that bright white, so we’re pleased to offer it in our recharging Deco Ball.  The customer speaks, and we listen!


^^^ Also great for Halloween…

Speaking of that essential customer feedback, got any for me?  The comment field below is the perfect way to quickly let us know what you need.  If you’ve got a cool new light craft idea, or are searching for an LED product but just keep striking out, I can help!  Let’s stay in touch, honey bunnies.  Cheers, mates, enjoy your Easter!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Frozen Party Crafts Let It GLOW! PART 2

Let’s talk Winter.  FBL’s been in the mood since Summer when we debuted Frozen Party supplies, and from here on out, it’s SNOWFLAKES GALORE, leading to inspired ideas perfect for a Frozen party.  If it’s unique party treats you seek, look no further.  Light-Ups are a delight, whether placed in goody bags alone, or add a little DIY flair to ’em.  Look how I accentuated our already-awesome Fiber Optic Hair Clips:


To get our year-round Frozen Party started, FBL went to the craft store.  Got some feathers in Frozen party colors, plus glitter snowflake appliques.  Next with a 12-pack of Fiber Optic Hair Lights, I simply started gluing.  Line up the feathers, spread them out like fan, glue into place, then tack on a snowflake decal to top it off.  Repeat until you have enough decorated hair clips for all your RSVP’ed party guests and prepare to impress.


* Our last light craft shows off the light sparkles quite nicely – check that out.)

Another Frozen party favor must is our Sparkling LED Snowflake Wand!  We’ve worked hard at FBL to keep its quality excellent, and its cost super affordable, so we’re proud to say this is an awesome product.  I plan to tie some shiny curled ribbon to the tops of mine for extra flair as it’s swished around, ya know, as snow queens do…


Catch My Party knows all about lighting up party favors – how cute are these goody boxes?  To recreate the soft winter glow they’ve got goin’ on, I recommend Color Change LED Ice Cubes, OMG, so totally Frozen:


We used the those same LED Cubes as cupcake toppers too – love!


Here are more of my favorite DIY Frozen party ideas:

A Girl & A Boy made pipe cleaner snowflakes – how perfectly simple.  Kids love pipe cleaners ’cause they’re easy to manipulate, and parents love pipe cleaners because NO MESS.  This is a great D.I.T. project at a party (do-it-together, y’all), plus accentuate your ‘flakes further by using sparkly pipe cleaners!  I just can’t get enough sparkles.


Magically Made crafted DIY snowball strands.  I so wanna make these!  Simply put:  “Thread cotton balls on clear plastic twine, spacing them a few inches apart, and secure each with a knot on either side as you string.”  Aye aye, captain.  Wouldn’t this make a great backdrop for a DIY photo booth?  A party just ain’t a party without a decorated spot for photo opps.


If cotton ball snow decor is not enough, consider adding disco balls at various lengths and let natural light do it’s thing, reflecting and dancing all around you!  This makes me so happy, I can’t even put it into words…  Cheers, Victoria Elizabeth Barnes!


My Texas Nest constructed icy cool front door decor to greet party guests.  This would look awesome with some color changing Light Up Snowflakes in the mix.


The Crafted Sparrow created a rustic dainty snowflake display.  I’d love to make a hanging mobile like this.  Or expand its size and make it a doorway curtain to walk through, whoa, YES…


Well that was fun.  Any fellow crafty Frozen fans in the house, care to share more unique ideas?  Tell us in the comments below – we love keeping in touch with the crafty community.  ‘Til next time!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Fun Party Favor Ideas: Fiber Optics Are Where It’s At

Hola, craft fans, welcome back for more fun & unique Party Favor Ideas.  Today’s little lesson is brought to you by an FBL product that remains great quality, looks visually stunning, AND is affordable even on a tight budget.  To bring this party favor idea to life even MORE so, I bought decorative appliques and hot glued them on the clip of our magical multicolor LED Fiber Optic Hair Lights:


BOOM.  Party Favor Ideas will never be the same.  Decorated like so, or worn as-is with plain black clip, FBL Hair Fiber Optics really are amazing party pleasers.  Decorative appliques can be found in abundance at all craft stores, so in one trip, I got the pretty paper flowers shown above, fluffy feathers, sparkling snowflakes (for next blog post *wink*), rockin’ rhinestones, and glittery spiders in a web for this upcoming Halloween – how ya like them apples?



Our hair fibers are luxuriously long as you can see, but –get this– you can trim them for shorter hair styles.  We last discussed that when I added these fiber optics to a pretty feather wreath  (*ahem* over here) > > > > > > > > >  so check that link before you snip snip.  This magical party favor idea is seriously great for all celebrations: every holiday, princess theme parties, regular ol’ birthday parties, even normal nights out on the town.  This subtle light product is an absolute winner.

brightideaBONUS fact:  FBL Hair Fibers have changeable batteries. Awesome!  Long as you keep the hot glue strictly in front, the backs will remain easy to access – just remove 2 tiny screws & refill with 2 CR1220 cell batteries.  You BET we sell wholesale bulk batteries!

So do you love it, or do you love it, DIY party planners?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, feel free to suggest something new to try with these (I WILL DO IT, love taking requests), plus stay tuned for Part 2 of Fun With Fiber Optic Hair Clips.  I’m decorating more as I type, got some winter themed SNOWFLAKES goin’ on, oh just you wait…snowflakes are ALL the rage right now…

TCB & DIY  ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Plan Fun Crafts For Kids With Glow & Lights!

Calling all teachers, babysitters, inspiring parents and helpful siblings!

If you’re planning Fun Crafts For Kids, you really ought to incorporate glow & lights, and I’ll tell ya why.  #1: Light up crafts for kids are actually fun for adults as well.  #2: Most FBL products have changeable batteries for multiple uses – bonus!  And #3: It’s a somewhat sneaky way of getting little ones to pay attention.  Surrre, they’ll think it’s all fun & games, but you’re actually educating & stimulating their minds at the same time.  Brilliant!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

There are so many Fun Crafts For Kids out there, you guys.  Immeasurable amounts.  And that is why I love Pinterest.  Follow that link above to see my favorites collected on our board.  Here at FBL headquarters, we often take a crack at our own fun crafts for kids, and here’s my latest, being a child of the ’80s myself:

tetris_revised   YESsssss!  Tetris still rules.  Stack LED Deco Cubes in a color-coded fashion to resemble this classic Nintendo game.  Help your kiddo prepare the colors by clicking the button under each cube (no flashing blinky here; just steady lights).  It’s a challenge for children to re-create the image.  Good for the brain, and a colorful feast for the eyes!  Once you’re done making a Tetris tower, LED Deco Cubes can also be set on sloooow color change, which looks like a mesmerizing night light.  Kiddos will LOVE IT.Success-baby

Here’s a few more of my favorites from the FBL archives.  With many holidays comin’ up (they WILL be here before you know it), best to prepare now.  Get inspired with us!


For Halloween:

GLOW eyes in the bushes!  Click on that image for a closer look; surprisingly simple.  The key here is glow bracelets in each TP roll.  I see Pinterest folks suggest glow sticks all the time when that’s actually incorrect.  It’s the bended bracelet that stays in place with ease…



For Thanksgiving:

A lil’ Light Up Turkey buddy!  No matter how much technology attempts to take over the world & distract kids in search of entertainment, turkey crafts are still fun and will never go out of style.  Mark my words…


glowelf3For Christmas:

Elf On The Shelf done with glow & LED lights!  You can’t glow I mean GO wrong with this. Kids go bonkers for Elf On The Shelf.  And even though it’s Mom & Dad who set up the scenarios, kids will totally appreciate the light treats left behind for them to play with…


Do you have any fun ideas to incorporate FBL lights?  Let me know in the comments below, for I will put new ideas to the test!  Always a pleasure.  ‘Til next time, light crafters…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Add Lights & Glow To Your Funny Elf On The Shelf Ideas!

ATTN: fun parents & party people!

In need of new & improved funny Elf On The Shelf ideas this Christmas? We’ve got light up stocking stuffers so perfect for this.  Wait a minute – do you even know what Elf On The Shelf is??  For those out of the loop, check it out:

What started as a children’s book is now a silly/awesome holiday tradition.  We love silly/awesome, it’s kind of our thing…  Rumor has it Santa sends elves out into the world to spy on kids (um, kinda creepy), and that is how he knows who’s naughty or nice. Naturally elves get into mischief, they so crazy, so parents keep up this game of placing their kid’s elf doll in wacky scenarios every morning in December.  Kiddos can’t wait to wake up & find out what their funny Elf On The Shelf was up to overnight!  Grown-ups are no exception, and I for one LOVE THIS THANG.  I plan on keeping it up year ’round strictly to amuse my husband who is also a giant little kid:

Meet Gnome MacDonald. Magical protector of fiber LED centerpieces.

Duck & monkey BFFs. This year they’re delivering light up gifts in place of Santa & his reindeer.  Don’t worry about it, they’re professionals.

Mele Kalikimaka!  It’s the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.

Obviously, I had to improvise with the characters found around my house.  But I’ve officially added a creepy elf doll to my Christmas list (wuddup, Santa).  You really can use any funny toy or doll for this.  For more funny Elf On The Shelf ideas, meet us over at Pinterest, where the ideas are plentiful and not just for kids anymore…

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki Claus

Glow Party Planning On A Budget

So you’re planning a party.  Pop quiz, hot shot: WHAT DO YOU DO for quality party favors on a budget? Gotta be easy too – am I right, party planners?  So what do you do?  Plan a Glow Party, ahh yes, good answer.  The cool neon ambience of a glow party pleases all ages: rambunctious kids, picky teens, rockin’ 20-somethings, seasoned professional adults, yes glow is the missing link at a lot of parties. Luckily our clientele is smart & already in on our little secret…

♫ ♪ Every! Body! Dance! Now! ♫ ♪

Love this glow party favor table at the roller rink.  LED treats mixed in there too – NICE.

* Please note the awesome use of glow sticks to the left below here.  DIY glow garland?  Great idea; gonna string some up next party I have…

And to elaborate on the glow garland idea, check out this epic glow party chandelier, wow.catch_my_party

That would look so fabulous hanging above a spread of our UV Reactive Glow Cups.  I love these particular party cups because (1) they’re made of optimum quality, (2) their neon colors *pop*, (3) put a black light bulb near these babies to really make ’em glow, and (4) no batteries required, so they cost less than LED Cups.  So much WIN!uv_fblv1And now back to serious business…

Glow at a grown up party, weeee!  See?  It happens, any age.  Magical photo credit goes to Pearl Events Austin.

Make a DIY “neon” sign by taping glow bracelets to a wall.  This one’s my favorite for all occasions.  Spell out ANYthing: “Happy Birthday” or “I love you” or “Clean your room!”

Glow bracelets swirled in clear soap dispensers is a pleasant surprise for party guests in the bathroom.

Vegas glow ‘staches.  Creative.  Classy.  Dapper.

Glow party favors + festival season = match made in heaven.

Glow bracelets linked through mesh shirts, way to think outside the box!

Spooky glow eyes to plant in the bushes on Halloween, or any night if you’re a practical joker like myself:

(Here’s a great template for different shaped eyes – cut ’em out of old toilet paper rolls.)

Toss some glow in the ice chest.  Why not?!  Fun at tailgate parties.

Get a bowling party started out on the lawn with glow sticks in water-filled soda bottles.  Might I suggest a pumpkin or cantaloupe to use as the bowling ball…

Nuff said right here.

Sticks in the pool – of course!  Noted for next summer…

Til next time, light loves!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~


Light Ups Make Easter Fun! Fill That Basket With LED Goodies.

Hiddy ho, Easter peeps!

When was the last time you had this much Easter fun, huh?  Light-Ups aren’t commonly used for daytime holidays, but that’s really changed this year thanks to a broader selection of spring themed goodies.  The LED lights in these springtime party favors are bright enough to shine through even when the sun’s still up, and I’m happy to report it only took 5 minutes to construct the following Easter Fun Basket o’ Goodies:

Easter fun INDEED – “kids love it” would be an understatement.  Crafty mom’s went crazy for it on our company Facebook, so now I’m thinkin’ about making a birthday gift basket for another blog entry and fun giveaway…show y’all how to do this year-round style, for it really is such a unique & thoughtful gift.  Here’s the BREAKDOWN of what’s in our DIY Easter Fun Basket:

*     *    *

Blinky Fairy & Butterfly Wings – Wonderfully whimsical!

Twinkle & Shine Wand – Fiber optics are magical & really fun to wave in the air.  You’ll be surprised at just how beautiful they look in front of your face (see end of this post for details).  These same light fibers are found in most LED party centerpieces – another treat perfect for your Easter dinner table.

Butterfly Lights – Enhances gift baskets in an instant, plus fun for crafts!

LED Flowers – Also with mystical/magical fiber optics inside.  We have quite the selection of light up blooms, so check them all before making your decision.

LED Easter Eggs – Doodle on them with ANYTHING; markers even!  I used glitter glue above.  This can be done to our deco balls too, which sell well year round for house parties & big events.  Same can be said for our deco balls on stakes – lovely for planting along walkways & placing throughout the garden, shown below.  Very dreamy, these light orbs – the slow color change function in particular is too cool for school…

Last but certainly not least, Light Up Bunny Ears – Fuzzy wuzzy cuteness in 4 different styles.  And folks, they’re not just for kids, nor just for lady bunnies!  They’re a unisex party favor all the way, as our dear dude customers have shown us – why thank you, fellas:

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

P.S. LED Pinwheels were out of stock when I was assembling the magical Easter basket above, but they’re back in stock NOW, so check ’em oooouuuut.  Super springtime favorite!

Add An LED Heart For An Easy Valentines Craft!

Welcome back, crafty critters.  For an über fast & easy Valentines craft with students, your own children, or your grown-up self, just add an LED heart to it!  This is actually great for year-round  thank you gifts & love notes.  We’ve got a sweet assortment of LED heart products to wear out on date night, to dress up your ladies at bachelorette parties, or to give as gifts on Valentine’s Day, and this year we’re getting crafty with them.

The Acrylic Heart Necklace is my favorite LED heart for crafts, for it’s simple to remove the string lanyard & attach the LED heart to whatever you wish (comes with a safety pin on back).  It’s red & blue LEDs sparkle in a circular clockwise motion & reflect off that glitter:

The “Perfect 10” LED Heart is one of our best selling body lights.  Chasing lights outline each side of the heart in unison – it’s a cool kind of flash; think Vegas style.  Thanks to its military clutch pin back, you can stick it to anything with a pierceable surface.  It’s not just a lapel pin ya know:

* Photobomb by yours truly.

Last but not least, check out the party favor bag I accentuated with our less flashy, more sloooow-color-changing Aurora Heart Pin.  Attach a fiber optic light bow for extra “ooooo”s & “aaahhh”s!  Too cute, too easy, and full of candy – NOM NOM:

Stay tuned for our next St. Patrick’s Day episode…                                                             ‘Til next time, light lovers.

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Party Decor Takes Flight With A Butterfly Light!

How do you do, dear crafters?  Back with more light decoration ideas.  This time we’re exploring the dainty & decorative butterfly light with color change wings.  Each discounted wholesale pack of 12 has an assortment of wing designs; 6 different wings to be exact.  Just what can one do with an LED butterfly light?  Thanks to the battery pack shaped like a tea light candle,          so much!

The most simple & classic way to display your butterfly light is to place some in a tea light candle holder – perfect fit & very zen:

Add a butterfly light to a garden party centerpiece & surround with greenery, shiny beads or river stones for a magical night time touch:

If you’re planning a princess theme or butterfly theme party, place them all about as party favors for others to help themselves to, or drop one in each goody bag with other princess accessories, for little girls REALLY love light butterflies (plus there is a screw on the battery house for safety – its replaceable batteries stay inside when little hands get curious):

For my own personal party wear, I hot glued a butterfly light to our whimsical fairy princess feather halo for a unique hippy headband no one else will have: I gently curled the ribbons with scissors + hot glued to the back 4 cut-up pieces of Mardi Gras beads.  I also hot glued some fake flowers around the butterfly to hide the battery house.  Then end result?  Fabulous!  Easy!  Inexpensive!  Place one on the head of your little birthday girl & she’ll feel like queen for a day.

For more fun craft ideas & suggestions on how to use your Light Ups, check back often!  ‘Til next time, my light craft amigos…

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki