Get Some LED Lights In Your Survival Kit STAT.

survival kitRise & shine!  It is time!  To update your survival kit and first aid supplies.  Girl?  You know it’s true.  Fellas too — no more delays, let’s just get it done and then relax knowing you’re prepared.  To make light of a tough situation, I must say that unexpected mayhem & natural disasters can bring out the best in us, when we shift into survival mode and become much more resourceful with ordinary household items.  Betcha never looked at your leftover light up party supplies and thought to yourself, “Survival Kit LIFE SAVERs right here!”  Well the times they area’changin’.
When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, FBL customer Renee Schwidel wrote us about her impromptu survival kit:  “Love your products and loved them last night.  In NY with no power but were able to play board games with the kids using sunglasses, rings and bracelets.  Another reason to have Flashing Blinky Lights on hand.  You never know when you will be affected by a hurricane or storm.”  True that, my friend!  Happy to read Renee & family stayed safe while entertained.
So what are you gonna put in YOUR survival kit(s)?  Renee didn’t have a choice at that time but made it work anyway — love that, go girl.  But YOU, reader, you have a choice.  And here are some of my recommendations to help make it easy on ya:
Wearable LED Head Light with comfy headband.  Love that hands free lighting!survivalkit2


Submersible LEDs.  Place them all around the house for more hands-free lighting.  They are way bright and long lasting, plus waterproof when you screw ’em together tight.  Though they come in every color, and even slow color change, it is white submersibles that will come in most handy when the power’s out.survivalkit7


LED Light Sticks on Lanyards.  Also way bright.  That’s the name of the game here. 

Glow Sticks.  Cheap!  Eye-catching.  Easy.  Did I mention cheap?  And no batteries required — just crack ’em, shake ’em up and stay visible.  Helpful hints: green is the brightest, and shelf life = a few years for optimum brightness.survivalkit8


Blinking LED Whistles.  Loud & eye catching, nuff said.


Affordable effective stuff, right?  It’s comforting to know you’ll get by A.O.K. if you lose power for a night or 2 or 3.  I put some inexpensive replacement batteries in my survival kit as well, how ’bout them apples?  Preparedness ON TOP OF being prepared, go me.  And if you’re a pet owner, don’t forget about those loyal fur babies – toss in some extra LED pet supplies too.

In closing, check out this neat video of what’s going on out there during a big city power outage.  Take it from Renee: stay safely lit inside, folks, and enjoy this eerie adventure:

Y’all take good care of each other out there, OK?

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Lighten Up Election Day With Political Party Favors!

Election Day is upon us. Opinions are vast, tensions are building, and patriots are more passionate than ever.  Do you need something to help lighten the mood?  I know I do, and FBL Political Party Favors are just the thing, young Americans.  Because life’s too fun to take it all too seriously.  So when the news gets my head in a tizzy, and the ads keep pushin’ props, I can just flip a switch, sit back and relax wearin’ my red white & blue light up Political Party Favors.  The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

But in all seriousness, regardless of who you vote for on Election Day, and no matter which Political Party Favors you sport to show your pride, what’s important here is that we all take the time to vote.  Let’s do our homework, read up on important matters and visit a polling place, or send in that absentee ballot (note to self for next year).  Check out this DIY sign I made using our red white & blue light pins and Political Party Favors.  So festive, and talk about spreadin’ the word!

You BET I’ll take that sign out with me on Election Day.  Imagine the possibilities if you used this idea to create a political message sign.  NO ONE would miss the point you’re trying to get across.  Not one person.  Check out these lights in action:

How I did it?  So easy:

  1. Get a styrofoam rectangle at your local craft store.
  2. Cover it with glue, then glitter.
  3. I hot glued Mardi Gras beads around the edges for a little extra bling (optional).
  4. Buy a few bags of Red White & Blue LEDs for Arts & Crafts, and glue ’em to the styrofoam board.  Spell out anything you wish!

Happy voting, America.  Keep on craftin’ in the free world.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Pink Light-Ups Brighten Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness is a big deal.  FBL’s collective heart goes out to all strong women and families affected by breast cancer in any way, shape or form.  We’ve been there too, plus for many years, we’ve seen our Pink Light-Ups help raise spirits and raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, its warriors & its survivors.  What a joy that has been.


For starters, we strive to keep the price of our classic Light Up Pink Ribbon Pins as low as possible, specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers.  Our regular customers are no strangers to reselling Light-Ups in a retail setting, plus we genuinely want you to make money for a good cause.  This sparkling little light pin is the perfect tool to help spread the message that IT IS TIME for a cure, and never ever give up hope.



If even lower cost is necessary for your Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser, we have a totally new option which we’re really pleased to present:  it’s a non-light up Pink Ribbon Charm on a Bead Necklace.  The absence of LED lights in this one keeps that price down, plus they’re excellent for sharing – you can dress up a huge group of people and still stay within your budget.  Now that’s a win win situation!


Check out our inspiring customers in action. These lovely ladies are rockin’ our Pink LED Fedora Hats at their Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.  What a way to bring attention to an otherwise difficult matter.  Optimism rules, it really does.

We’ve been fortunate enough to create some custom print pins for our inspiring customers as well.  Below awesome snapshot is courtesy of Tackling Cancer Foundation.  Lookin’ very snazzy for an excellent cause, and what sweet boys to get involved.  Good job, mom!  That’s the future of America, right there.

Many thanks to all who support Breast Cancer Awareness not just monthly, but daily. For some, it’s a 24/7 kind of thing, and we salute you.  Once it affects you, whether it be a loved one or yourself, there’s no going back.  And what better way to keep your head up and spread some joy than with Pink Light-Ups.  We’ve got your back, so don’t be shy – call today if you work for a charity or non-profit in need of a discount.  It’s what we do here at FBL, we sincerely love to help.

Power to the people right on ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Welcome to the week, my Illuminati, the Illuminated ones.

Not that Illuminati, the other ones, the ones who like to have fun.

Anyway, since you are illuminated, it wouldn’t hurt to get you illuminated further, right? Last week, we not only updated you on what was to come, but now I have other announcements:

Our first commercial is ready to get released virally, as soon as we are able to spread the word effectively. Once we are ready, it’ll be ready. It’s not complicated, expansive, but it is illuminated, as well as simple. You’d like it.

Also, go here for a new product review: The Night Owl Mama – Cool Light Up Flashing Blinky Light Products for Night Time Fun

They loved it.

And remember, Follow @ellyd_fbl and @fbl_dot_bz for contests, fun, and customer service because our phone lines are blowing up.


Now, go get illuminated.


Flashing Blinky Lights Illuminates Our Troops – Kuwait, Memorial Day

Flashing Blinky Lights Helps Remember Our Fallen Heroes:

When we sold our light up products, knowing they would go to Kuwait for a Memorial Day service, we had no idea what was to come of it. Today, Donna, our lovely sales rep responsible for said sale, received pictures on what went down.

And yes, it’s as wonderful as you think it is going to be:

FBL Illuminates our Fallen Heroes

FBL Illuminates our Fallen Heroes

We’re proud to have been a part of this.

Thanks to our troops overseas and everyone who supports them!



Reasons To Be Blinky — Flashing LEDs, The Environment, and You…

I write this to you with great pride in that not only are LEDs “fun as all get-out” (which no one has said since the 1970’s) but, guess what, they are completely energy efficient as well.

So, this is where it begins:

An LED lamp, for example, has around 100,000 hours of life in it. Left on continuously, that’s around 10-11 years of usage. Now, take into consideration that LEDs also convert, if well-made (like our’s), 80% of the electrical energy into light energy. That means they are 80% more efficient than electrical lights. True story.

If we convert to LEDs for all of our light needs (minus what the sun can afford us), imagine the impact we could make on energy in America. Think of it as an 80% savings in electricity.

“But Andrew, where do we begin? There is so much to do to be able to convert!”

Well, Unnamed Fake Example Man, you start right here: Flashing Blinky Lights.

You’re welcome, America.


Not So Average Light Ups

Lookie there!

Wrote that with Not So Average Mama, who was kind enough to let us crash her party. Great site, especially for parents out there who need a little extra advice to spruce up that busy home life.

That’s that! Enjoy your weekend, light it up, see you next week.