NERD ALERT: FBL Geek Gifts Live Long & Prosper


FACT:  Nerds love lights.  They’re the dynamic duo.  They go together like peas & carrots -nay- SciFi & Fantasy!  And FBL’s got surprisingly affordable Geek Gifts, so what a perfect partnership we’ve found in Club Cosplay.  They throw grandiose costume parties (for adults!!), immersed in pop culture & geeky goodness, plus they’re really branchin’ out from L.A. & coming to a city near you.  We sent our Cosplay buds some geek gifts in the form of LED Cheer Sticks, and photographer Jennifer Stockert captured the magic:




Do these nerds know how to party or what?!  Our lights looked like mini sabers bouncing around the dance floor – ’tis a gorgeous sight.  And it was THEE coolest seeing handcrafted LED light costumes all about – this creative crowd knows what’s up.  Thanks to CC, we’ve been able to connect with even more families in need of geek gifts regularly, be it costume accessories for Comic Con, or party favors for their kids’ birthday parties, the next generation:


Kid tested, party approved.  WELL done, parents.  Check out our latest geek treat:  The Pink Saber.  Pretty unique color, right?  It’s my new favorite.  This bargain-priced slim saber comes in classic colors blue, red and green too.


MORE geek gifts you say?!  Why SURE!  We got that.  Here, follow me, let’s take a tour of the FBL classics:

futureshadesLED Futuristic Shades.  They boldly go where no shades have gone before.  Folks are gonna wonder if you can beam them up, or if they can take you to their leader.  So be prepared for the inquisitions, earthling.  Special thanks to Andrew & Jessie here for the customer action shot.  If memory serves me right, they were at a Devo concert.  Excellent use of your Light-Ups, guys!


Next is our original & best selling LED Novelty Saber.  It’s got that “realistic” look going for it, plus way under 5 bucks a piece if you’re buying wholesale, and that cannot be beat.  Saber favors for the entire party without breaking the bank – everyone wins!!  Ya get color choices with this LED saber:  change its glowing steady light from blue to red to green, plus a separate button controls motion activated space battle sound effects.  RAD.

Connecting_Swords_bothDouble Sabers are legit.  Whether on the darker or lighter side of life, we’ve gotcha covered.  And BONUS:  these can be detached in the center.  Split ’em up for money savin’ purposes, or if your mini jedi-in-training is not yet tall enough for the almighty double saber.  Space sound effects go off all the while LED lights are powered on – so no separate button for sound on this one, OK parents?  The kids love it.


For y’all action stars who seriously BATTLE, you should go with our Expanding Sabers.  This compact light sword comes in traditional blue & red, however multicolor rules MY world because of its warp-speed flash function that makes trippy trails as you wave it in the air, and its mystical magical slow color change – oh it is just dreamy.  So what’s its secret to withstanding the hits of play battles?  The answer lies in this informative special report.


Now we mustn’t forget Space Blasters.  We’ve got lots of shiny sleek styles, all with spacey ray gun sound effects because that’s what our customers want. Some have spinning lights that hypnotize and mesmerize, some strictly blink & beep & boop & bop.  What’s unanimous here is they are SAFE and FUN. That’s the FBL way!

Well space folk, I hope you enjoyed my tour de jour of FBL geek gifts – this is just the beginning.  Special thanks to Club Cosplay and Jennifer Stockert – we send you light years of gratitude.  ‘Til next time…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


FBL & Festivals: We Go WAY Back…

Y’all ready for Festival Season and LIGHT SHOWS?  Ay, we were born ready.  Bring on the light orders AND the savings!  As another glorious celebration takes shape, let’s get in the mood by taking a trip down Harmonic Light lane. While picking up annual lights for their festival last year, photographer Reid Godshaw was kind enough to shoot some of the FBL staff.  But this was no ordinary photo shoot…











Wooooow, so magical, this rainbow light art gives unicorns a run for their money!  Reid really captures the essence and aura of his subjects, doesn’t he?  Totally inspires me to GET CREATIVE with my LED lights.  Check out Reid’s growing collection of photo albums over at the Harmonic Light Facebook page, where he featured another recent shoot that used our products – thanks, dude!

That’s all for today – must continue prep for Festival season already and underway. Be sure to CALL AHEAD, Ravers, so we can input your order over the phone, then your light goods will be ready to go when you arrive for pick-up.  1-888-755-9449, at your service.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


FBL Lights Up The Official Dancing Man Celebration! is a proud & grateful sponsor of “Dancing Man” Sean O’Brien.  Can you believe what a difference he and his supporters have made in the blink of an eye?  It’s a movement to put an end to cyber bullying and JUST DANCE.  Heck yes, these are my peeps.  Let’s keep the viral movement going, kind party people, never forget!  For those who need the backstory on Dancing Man, check this out:

(Video Credit: AJ+)

Yes yes, y’all, kindness counts, and the official Dancing Man party we got to attend was just the beginning of something very special that continues to resonate with…well…the world!  To feel free on the dance floor is truly one of the best feelings one can experience, am I right?  Makes ya feel beautiful inside & out.  Our LED Light Up Cheer Sticks were the perfect accessory for this celebration.  Let’s get this party STARTED:


^ Lady In Red, you are my hero. ^

And here’s Sean getting that well-deserved dance party of a lifetime!


Be still my heart:


Feelin’ it:

Must give cred and big thanks to the Dance Free Movement, Club Avalon in Hollywood, and Kristeen LaBrot Events.  This one’s for you, Kristeen!  Unicorn Sisters UNITE:


My bodacious dance partner for the evening made quite the impression on the dance floor:


Feelin’ the beat or admiring our logo?  Most likely both:


Havin’ the time of our lives!


Bonus: Moby DJ’ed!  He’s been a big supporter of Dancing Man since day one – good on him.  He gets the unicorn stamp of approval.


OH what a night!  ‘Til next time…

Be kind and keep on dancin’, light loves.

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~

Biking At Night? LED Bike Lights To The Rescue.

Calling all bike enthusiasts! LED Bike Lights are blowin’ up at FBL, and what better time to show you our affordable selection than Bike Safety Month.  May is the time to spread awareness & pick up some new LED Bike Lights, like these smart night bikers who frequent our neighborhood.  Let’s hear it for Los Angeles drivers learning to share the road!

City bicyclists obviously need LED Bike Lights.  Yes, plural. TRUTH.  Do people even bike at night without ’em??  You’d have to be straight-up loco to go without nowadays, I mean even out in the boonies & far from civilization, you have got to be seen.  “PROTECT YA NECK” a wise man once told me.  (Why thank you, Wu-Tang sirs.  Inspectah Deck’s on the set.)  Allow us to demonstrate with FBL’s rad selection of LED Bike Lights.

Multicolor LED Bike Light SKU #11808 is oh so popular due to it’s eye-catchin’ vivid colors, and a plethora of flash options.  We’re talkin’ strobe flash, scrolling flash forward, scrolling flash backward, random blinks, all colors on a calm steady setting & more.  7 total.  Suh-weet.



LED Red Tail Light SKU #11809 has a classic sleek look, nothin’ too out there & gets right to the point for surrounding cars. Choose from a few different flashes, plus a steady light.  This piece happens to have a custom logo on it.  Click to enlarge – check out that beautiful print!  Yup, our custom team’s the best.


Next up, we’ve got Flashing LED Valve Lights SKU #11810. Just wee little guys, but they look way cool as they spin, with that spacey spiral down the center of each acrylic tube. Though smaller than our other Bike Lights, Valve LEDs are all-mighty, sure to keep you visible & safe.  Valve Lights come in pairs when you purchase quantity 1, FYI. What a deal.

 For those more into wearable lights, we carry LED Arm Bands now, SKU # 11812.  Originally made for Night Runs, Glow Runs, Rave Runs & the like, we find they’re a big hit with bicyclists too.  Also comes in red, blue, green, and the latest color installment, PINK.

Thanks for stoppin’ by, bike buds.  Y’all be safe out there, be good to each other, and leave a comment below if we can help you with anything else.  Always here to help…

Happy biking ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Pink Light-Ups Brighten Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Breast Cancer Awareness is a big deal.  FBL’s collective heart goes out to all strong women and families affected by breast cancer in any way, shape or form.  We’ve been there too, plus for many years, we’ve seen our Pink Light-Ups help raise spirits and raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, its warriors & its survivors.  What a joy that has been.


For starters, we strive to keep the price of our classic Light Up Pink Ribbon Pins as low as possible, specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness fundraisers.  Our regular customers are no strangers to reselling Light-Ups in a retail setting, plus we genuinely want you to make money for a good cause.  This sparkling little light pin is the perfect tool to help spread the message that IT IS TIME for a cure, and never ever give up hope.



If even lower cost is necessary for your Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser, we have a totally new option which we’re really pleased to present:  it’s a non-light up Pink Ribbon Charm on a Bead Necklace.  The absence of LED lights in this one keeps that price down, plus they’re excellent for sharing – you can dress up a huge group of people and still stay within your budget.  Now that’s a win win situation!


Check out our inspiring customers in action. These lovely ladies are rockin’ our Pink LED Fedora Hats at their Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser.  What a way to bring attention to an otherwise difficult matter.  Optimism rules, it really does.

We’ve been fortunate enough to create some custom print pins for our inspiring customers as well.  Below awesome snapshot is courtesy of Tackling Cancer Foundation.  Lookin’ very snazzy for an excellent cause, and what sweet boys to get involved.  Good job, mom!  That’s the future of America, right there.

Many thanks to all who support Breast Cancer Awareness not just monthly, but daily. For some, it’s a 24/7 kind of thing, and we salute you.  Once it affects you, whether it be a loved one or yourself, there’s no going back.  And what better way to keep your head up and spread some joy than with Pink Light-Ups.  We’ve got your back, so don’t be shy – call today if you work for a charity or non-profit in need of a discount.  It’s what we do here at FBL, we sincerely love to help.

Power to the people right on ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Product Spotlight: Flashing Polka Dots Soft Pink Hair Bow Headband

Cute as a mouse, these Pink Bows will light up any occasion

Trying to figure out which childhood icon you want to be for Halloween? Getting the little ones ready for a fun trip to a magical place? Or are you just simply feeling fun and festive? A light-up Polka Dotted Pink Bow Headband should be just thing. Complete with three color functions, from fast flash, color change, to a still light, and a size big enough to see across the way at a public place, these are perfect for your children or the adult searching for the child within.

These hair bows come equipped with a safe, plastic headband that secure the bow to the person’s head, complete with an easily accessible power button in the center of the bow on the back.

When looking for something to catch everyone’s attention, try a hair bow, specifically our Flashing Polka Dots Soft Pink Hair Bow Headbands. Get your’s today!