Biking At Night? LED Bike Lights To The Rescue.

Calling all bike enthusiasts! LED Bike Lights are blowin’ up at FBL, and what better time to show you our affordable selection than Bike Safety Month.  May is the time to spread awareness & pick up some new LED Bike Lights, like these smart night bikers who frequent our neighborhood.  Let’s hear it for Los Angeles drivers learning to share the road!

City bicyclists obviously need LED Bike Lights.  Yes, plural. TRUTH.  Do people even bike at night without ’em??  You’d have to be straight-up loco to go without nowadays, I mean even out in the boonies & far from civilization, you have got to be seen.  “PROTECT YA NECK” a wise man once told me.  (Why thank you, Wu-Tang sirs.  Inspectah Deck’s on the set.)  Allow us to demonstrate with FBL’s rad selection of LED Bike Lights.

Multicolor LED Bike Light SKU #11808 is oh so popular due to it’s eye-catchin’ vivid colors, and a plethora of flash options.  We’re talkin’ strobe flash, scrolling flash forward, scrolling flash backward, random blinks, all colors on a calm steady setting & more.  7 total.  Suh-weet.



LED Red Tail Light SKU #11809 has a classic sleek look, nothin’ too out there & gets right to the point for surrounding cars. Choose from a few different flashes, plus a steady light.  This piece happens to have a custom logo on it.  Click to enlarge – check out that beautiful print!  Yup, our custom team’s the best.


Next up, we’ve got Flashing LED Valve Lights SKU #11810. Just wee little guys, but they look way cool as they spin, with that spacey spiral down the center of each acrylic tube. Though smaller than our other Bike Lights, Valve LEDs are all-mighty, sure to keep you visible & safe.  Valve Lights come in pairs when you purchase quantity 1, FYI. What a deal.

 For those more into wearable lights, we carry LED Arm Bands now, SKU # 11812.  Originally made for Night Runs, Glow Runs, Rave Runs & the like, we find they’re a big hit with bicyclists too.  Also comes in red, blue, green, and the latest color installment, PINK.

Thanks for stoppin’ by, bike buds.  Y’all be safe out there, be good to each other, and leave a comment below if we can help you with anything else.  Always here to help…

Happy biking ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

FBL Toy Swords Put To The Test At Swordplay LA!

Love LED Toy Swords like we do?  Check out this coolness.  FBL was fortunate enough to attend an Action Events birthday party at Swordplay LA in Burbank, CA, and it was a blast.  Their staff is amazing with kids:  knowledgeable, skilled, patient & funny.  These guys really know what they’re doing.  We met them back in 2008, when they placed their first FBL order, then they continued to recommend us to their clients in need of well-made toy swords for practice moves (very kind of ya – thanks, guys).  So on this particular afternoon, it was extra special to pop in for a day & watch them put our expandable sabers TO THE TEST.  Dark side ain’t got nothin’ on us:

This is our future!  AWESOME.

Sooo cute, right?  Light Up Toy Swords never fail to bring out the adventurous spirit in little ones.  Above swords are our blue-only option, we have red as well, plus multicolor – my favorite.  In a dimly lit room or at a night time event, they look super cool:

LOVE multicolor!  They flash, they slow change, they blink, or set all its lights on steady as you wish. These are best of the best toy swords when play battling, and I’ll tell ya why.  It’s all about that THREADING where “blade” meets handle, sturdy as can be, so feel free to get jiggy with it.

Thanks again to Action Events by Swordplay LA.  Be sure to check ’em out if you too are in Southern California & in the market for a fun, unique party.  ‘Til next time, light fans!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki



LED Ice Cubes: Know Your Options!

Welcome, cocktail enthusiasts!  We’ve been expecting you.  Kick your feet up, put on a record or 8 track, MP3, whatever you crazy kids are listening to these days, and prepare to blast off into the happiest of happy hours.  Once you add LED ice cubes to your mix, there is no goin’ back…

: : cue swingin’ tunes : :


Allow me to introduce you to

The latest & greatest in LED ice cubes.  Reasons why they rule:

1.)  The price tag. “Price breaks” for our wholesale customers, that’s how we roll.

2.)  The realistic rectangular frosty shell.  They just don’t make ’em like this, you guys!  They being our competitors.  FBL makes thee only realistic looking shell on the LED ice cube market.  So special, we had to patent it.

3.)  Light drinks on the GO.  Small & discreet, I can put a 12-piece box of Inspiration Ice in my bag before a night out and surprise my pals as the sun goes down.  Always exciting! Pretty perty in our cups even when there’s still a bit of sunlight.

In total darkness, they are extra magical.  Add ’em to an ice bucket mixed with real ice cubes – this makes party people VERY happy.


Sharing is caring.

Now before Inspiration Ice, there was HOLLYWOOD ICE.


Our 1st FBL brand of LED ice cubes.  Reasons why they still rule:

1.) Same great price.  Just depends on the LOOK you prefer: realistic rectangles vs. sleek squares.

2.) The white cube inside.  Hollywood Ice cubes appear to glow neon thanks to the inner shell which diffuses the light.

3.) Once again, simple to take with.  Light glasses are way fun too, but when you’re on the go & taking the party with you, LED cubes are totally the way to go. Check out this delectable spread.  YOU BET I bring ’em to restaurants.

MAGICAL FACTS about both styles:

>>>  Always tested & boy we are strict.  FDA approved plastic, waterproof buttons, and permanently sealed for safety.  We design all the Light Ups we can to have changeable batteries for multiple nights of fun, but this is one light product you want sealed for good.

>>> Color choices!  Multicolor allows you to leave it on the steady color of your choice, or a groovy color splash setting which cycles through every shade of the rainbow. BUT did you know you can buy our LED ice cubes in single colors to match your wedding, event or team colors?  ‘Tis true, and our 1-color cubes give you the option to flash, blink, or stay on steady.

>>> Add them to edible creations!  Safe/tested plastic shell means cool to put on cupcakes, illuminate an entire birthday cake or wedding cake, the possibilities are endless if you’re a creative baker!  So cute, right?




What say you, dear customer, have you big plans for your first order of LED ice cubes?  Show us how you put ’em to use – we’re on Facebook & totally love keeping in touch; always proud of our crafty customers.  I do like to share top secret coupon codes on there as well, so there’s that…

 ‘Til next time, light lovers.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~


Inspiration Ice = PATENT #D650,121

Hollywood Ice = PATENT #D552,633

Ain’t No Party Like An Irish Party, ‘Cause An Irish Party Don’t Stop

Erin go bragh, lads & lasses. Translation:  IRELAND FOREVER. Can I get a cheers to that?  For some, Irish pride & joy is an everyday thing, so the subject of Irish party favors may need no introduction.  For the rest of us, there’s St. Patty’s Day, that glorious 24 hours in which EVERYone is Irish, and oooh the light up wonders we have in store for yeh! Let’s get this Irish party started.

irishpartyFirst thing’s first:  BEER. Pints.  Brews.  Bubbly goodness, etc.  This is essential for Irish party time. For starters, check out our green LED Inspiration Ice Cubes.  They’re small & lightweight, therefore cheaper to ship, plus easy to toss a box of 12 in your purse before heading to the pub.  Sharing is caring!

Green Light Up “Ice” Cubes are an absolute must for your Irish party and this lass right here won’t leave home without ’em. 



The Sporty Mood Lit Mug.  Tall & slender with opaque plastic, this beer mug has a unique glow goin’ on, AND you can change it’s color with every click of the button actually, from steady green, to steady blue, to steady red, and so on.  NO flash, but it does have a cool color changing function, my favorite.

The Traditional Beer Stein.  Nice & roomy, holds 28 ounces filled to the brim.  Has flashing rainbow LEDs that shine like disco lights & go all night long.  Holy moly look at this thing!  Serious party glass!  Chug-a-lug!

The Twinkling Tavern Mug.  Shorter, rounded & with multicolor circling lights in the base, so the LEDs aren’t as extreme as above party mug, yet still eye catching.  Also gotta perfect little spot in front to print your logo.

The Slow-Color-Change Beer Pitcher:  a.k.a. the BIG KAHUNA, a.k.a. the BIG GULP of all Flashing Blinky drink accessories.  Don’t try this at home!  Maybe try it at the pub…after lining up a designated driver…

PHEW, what a mouthful. *burp*  Lastly, top it all off with some tasty green shots for your Flashing Blinky Crew & get jiggy with it.  Light Up Green Shot Glasses are also available on green bead necklaces, for the hooligans in the house mustn’t lose their Holy Grail.


Cheers, mate ~                                                                                                                       ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki