Light Up Your Space DIY

Whether it be a workspace area or a desk in your dorm room, everyone has their own personal space where they spend the majority of their time at. So why not make it special? FBL is here to help you out! Introducing…

We’re here today to show you a few tips and also products that come in handy when decorating your desk. We can start with our NEW and HOT, Pink Neon Love LED Sign!

Light Up Pink Neon Love LED Sign

Spread the Love!

The Neon Decor makes for a great desk piece with a truly wonderful message to share with the people you love! Gift it to a friend going off to college, a coworker in need of a new desk or just get it for your own desk at home! It works as a great night light and comes connected to a USB port for easy usage! ( See it on our Instagram )


Get Groovy & Glittery!

Now, this lamp will bring your desk to a whole different level. We stare and play with this lamp all the time when we’re on hold, during a break and even just cause!

Give it a shake and watch the sparkly flecks swirl and float around for hours along with the slow changing LED lights. As you can see on the sped-up GIF on the right, the lamp is definitely the perfect accessory to have on any office desk. It’s affordable, no battery hassle AND comes in the perfect size for any desk.
Try it out!

Are you ready for the next decor? It’s definitely one of our hottest product! To make up for the Marquee box you always wanted… we’re introducing our newest product yet:

6″ x 4″ Mini Marquee USB LED Lightbox!

You want to get these ASAP because they will sell out for SURE. This little mini LED Lightbox make the perfect stocking stuffer anyone of any age can use for the upcoming Holidays. Well then, it’s time to start decorating!

P.S. We also have a new 13′ USB Fairy Light made especially for Desk decor! Simply plug into your USB port and watch it glow! It’s ambient lighting so it’s slow changing and also not straining to your eye. It makes the perfect gift combo along with the LOVE neon sign! Okay, done for real now! XOXO


DIY Halloween Decor: Light Up Jack Skellington

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re doing MORE than getting ready. Here’s another one of our favorite DIY just for Halloween! When you think of Halloween, you can’t forget Nightmare before Christmas; the perfect classic film for the Holidays. That’s why we’re showing YOU how to make your own DIY Light up Jack Skellington with 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Grab our Mood Light Deco ball.

Grab your own mood Light Deco Ball HERE. Our deco balls are affordable, battery replaceable, water-proof and have 7 different colors/color effects you can choose from. Normally, it’s used to light up a walkway/garden, place in a centerpiece or a cool decor in your swimming pool for a chilled out party but we’re putting a twist on it just for Halloween! Want something bigger? Go big or go home: We have a 10-inch Floating Light Orb you could use for a bigger decor!


Step 2. Draw your Jack.

Now, drawing could definitely be your forte or your weakness. Good thing our deco balls are pencil AND sharpie friendly, just make sure to let it dry. You can easily find an outline of Jack Skellington by looking him up on or by following these simple instructions from Easy drawing tutorials HERE. Of course, you’re free to draw anything you want; pumpkin, skull, ghost, etc… Remember to outline first with pencil and then fill-in with sharpie and ta-da! Easy peasy.

Step 3. Light it up!

Gather your family and friends and Light up your personalized Jack Skellington Light up Deco ball! It’s guaranteed to stop many trick-or-treat-ing kids to your door and just makes a cool decor for your Halloween party. Just take a look at the one we made within less than 10 minutes! Show us your Halloween spirit! Tag #FBLparty to be featured. Wishing you a spooky Halloween! Oh, and if you haven’t, check out our DIY for a light up PUMPKIN. ELLY OUT.


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DIY Light Up Pumpkin for Halloween Decoration

Everyone’s thinking about the Summer coming to an end.. but Halloween is the only thing on OUR mind! (I guess Octoberfest also…)

FBL is getting ready for one of our FAVORITE Holidays of the year by celebrating the classic tradition: Pumpkin Carving! But with a twist… LIGHTS! How’d you know? Let’s get started.

Step one is to find the perfect pumpkin for you obviously. We wanted to keep our pumpkins for a long time so we bought the craftable plastic pumpkin at the good ol’ Michaels.

Just look at that clean pumpkin; perfect size for the porch, outdoor, table decor and so much more! A quick tip here: Get into the Halloween mood with some Purple LED String lights, our Ghost centerpiece and a few of our LED Candles.

Back to Pumpkin Carving! Just search up any design you’d like online, or get creative and make your own! Just remember to create a big enough hole ( or leave room on the top or bottom ) to fit your light inside.

Now here is where the magic starts! We do have lights you could add into your pumpkin that’s smaller but why not go BIG. Our 2.75″ Deluxe Submersible is the perfect light to add to your pumpkin; just look at the color change! It also comes with a REMOTE so you could adjust your light speed to FAST for that party effect or SLOW for the eerie Halloween night effect. If you’re looking for a solid color, our smaller submersibles are a great replacement!

You only need 1 for your pumpkin! Don’t worry, your pumpkin will shine long and bright with one so share your lights with a pumpkin in need. And that’s it folks! You’re guaranteed to win that 1st place for your next pumpkin carving contest. Happy Halloween!

P.S. Check out our DIY Pumpkin carving video HERE. Happy Crafting! Elly out!

DIY: LED “BIKE” Strip Lights

Hello FBL crafters! Summer’s here and it’s time to cruise around with the gang. Remember our bike lights? They were a HIT with all our biker crew and other cruisers felt left out on all the love. So here we are to spark some creative DIY ideas for everyone in your gang.

This picture represents what we originally intended for the product. An elegant and fun bike décor that doubles as safety lights – I’m talking about those nighttime riders out there, stay seen. But we never imagined what our creative clients would come up with, turning our standard bike lights into…

A light decor for your skateboard and longboard! S-i-i-i-i-i-i-ck!

What are you waiting for? Grab your board and try it out for yourself!

Follow these three simple steps and be the coolest on the streets.

  1. Grab your Skateboard or a longboard.
  2. Get one or two LED Strip Lights for Bike frame; comes in blue or red.
  3. Pick your spot and use scissors/tape to secure them on. (For a permanent fixture, use a hot glue gun. Just make sure the battery housing is facing outward for easy battery replacement.)

And ta-da!

Stay safe and don’t forget a helmet! Happy cruising! ELLY OUT.

4th of July Decor DIY

Hello Crafters! Elly here.

It’s 4th of July, guests are on their way and you don’t have that epic entrance to wow them. What do you do? Introducing..

You’re probably wondering, “how on earth will I EVER do that?” Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s really not as complicated as it seems.

Things that you need: 4th of July leis 12159-RWB + LED String lights 11950-WT and the usual DIY kit: scissors and glue.


Step 1.

You have to cut and wrap the leis around the String lights. Make sure the ends of the leis are secured so that the flowers don’t fall off! They should look something like this:

Beauty! At first, we wanted to decorate the table but realized it’d make a beautiful backdrop + entryway for all our guests! We simply taped the string lights around the door and ta-da! spontaneity at its finest.

Not done yet! With all the leftover leis, we decided to tape them up on the top of the door frame to create a beautiful drop for the entry. Looks something like this…


It doesn’t only make a great entryway for your guests but an awesome photo wall! Got two birds with one stone! Check out a few of our test shots below!


Check out how to make the other wall HERE. Love to see some of YOUR creative ideas! Tag us at @Flashingblinkylights to show us YOUR creations!

Happy 4th of July! ELLY OUT.

Time To Get Cozy! Fall Decor Has Arrived.

leavesHalloween’s long gone, the month is flying by and we’ve moved onto Fall Decor fit for a Thanksgiving feast.  Leave those uncarved pumpkins out ’til December, add autumn leaves in warm shades of amber, orange & red, plus a touch of glitter – gotta have that glitz.  And the final touch for fall decor to make guests feel right at home?  Inviting lights are key.  Make sure it’s LED!


Cozy and safe, now that’s Fall Decor perfection.  Candles have been a holiday staple since, like, the beginning of time.  But the times are a’changin’ and safety must come first.  Pretty sure your Thanksgiving party will pass out in the living room after copious amounts of tryptophan a.k.a. turkey magic…and don’t even get me started on them curious kiddos (and pets!) who go exploring when the adults aren’t looking.  So won’t it be a relief to trust your fall decor is chillin’ safely as you “party” Thanksgiving away?  When it comes to hot flames versus cool LED lighting, LED always wins.


Well lookie there, I improved upon something that was already pretty to begin with!  FBL’s Amber LED String Lights are so simple to add, this seriously took me 1 minute.  Its safe copper wire string bends into place and keeps its shape, so it’s great for wreath crafts, Christmas garland, all that holiday jazz.  Now that you’re familiar with 2 of our seasonal favorites, let’s check out more fun ideas to put ’em to use.  Props to the craft blogs:


Revel Blog turned colorful gourds into tea light candle holders.  Brilliant!fall_decor2


Spark & Chemistry taught us that Mason Jars + Mod Podged leaves = DIY candle holders.  Rustic chic!fall_decor1


Style Me Pretty beautifully captured tea lights hung from rustic branches.  How romantic!falldecor6


Refinery29 put LED wire string lights inside hangable terrariums.  Love that angular shape!  Anything prism shaped is going to accentuate your lights’ shine like WHOA.



Cheryl Style‘s crafty cool ice bucket has nada to do with candles, nor lights, but I sure am in love with the idea.  Note to self: recreate with your own LED Ice Cubes, missy, DO IT.fall_decor3


French Basketeer made their very own stairway to Heaven.  Hellooooo lovely CHRISTMAS decor!  It’ll be here in the blink of an eye, don’t fight the feeling…falldecorstairway


We’ll be back with more fab DIY light decor as we get into the Christmas season, so  SUBSCRIBE to the FBL blog (upper right corner *wink*) and get automatic updates when we post new crafty goodness.  Love to the regulars – FBL appreciates you!  Many thanks, guys & gals.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Turkey Crafts Are Back! LED Turkeys Light Up Thanksgiving

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy Turkey Crafts.  What better way to bond with the kiddos this fall! It’s an adorable tradition:  remember tracing your hand as a kid and turning each finger into a colorful feather?  Then doodle a face on the thumb, sketch a pilgrim hat on top and proudly displaying that masterpiece on the fridge. Well nowadays, things have changed. Turkey crafts get a makeover!


Check out our new & improved feathered friend.  I do declare it thee most fabulous of all Turkey Crafts.  The body glows a fantastical magical color changing light, and the body parts were simple to make with foam glitter paper found at the craft store.  Kids will love to use their turkey crafts as seasonal night lights, plus make extras to use as thoughtful gifts when visiting someone’s home for a Thanksgiving feast.

Here’s what you’ll need, crafty mamas & papas:

  1. An LED orb light globe from FBL (has flattened base, like a desk lamp).
  2. Kid safe scissors if your little one is big enough to help cut.
  3. Craft glue, strong double stick tape, OR hot glue if an adult is 100% in charge.
  4. A pack of glitter paper found at craft stores, OR construction paper, OR white paper your kids can color in themselves like a coloring book!  Options.  Love that.

Click on this image   >>>>>> to see the FULL SIZE printable template for your LED turkey crafts.  Before you print, check that it takes up 1 full page.  That will ensure his lil’ body parts print out the perfect size for our light orb.  Also take note:  the shape used for his feet are also the shape used for his wings, so make 4 of those total.

And there you have it!  Happy crafting, my friends!  Should you need any further tips to perfect your light craft, leave a comment below.  I’m always here to help and answer fast. Plus SUBSCRIBE to the FBL blog so you don’t miss a thing, and stay tuned for more seasonal light crafts!  Oh boy do I have much more in store for you…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki



Make Light Up DIY Hair Accessories On The Cheap!

Unique DIY Hair Accessories are on the rise thanks to Pinterest.  Do-it-yourself determination, saving money & sharing ideas, that’s what Pinterest is all about.  We here at FBL could not love it more, for we are ALL about light crafts, plus our wholesale pricing rules for crafty mamas making DIY hair accessories for re-sale; what a great way to supplement your income.  Check out this light bloom I crafted for my hair in just a few minutes.  Most of that time was spent waiting for the glue gun to heat up!Try_It_TuesdayDIY Hair Accessories call for SKU #11905 Aurora LED Lights specially made for arts & crafts.  The magical slow change of its colors is reminiscent of aurora borealis, and their flat-backs make them simple to glue to most material.  You can also attach Arts & Crafts LEDs by Velcro if you’re not ready for that kind of [hot glue] commitment.  As a crafter myself & enthusiast of DIY hair accessories, I really love that we’re carrying more colors for our customer/fan/friends involved with Cosplay, raves, fashion, festivals & theater.  Not too long ago, we started with one flashing color, they sold like hotcakes, so we started making more color options for y’all.  Available with CLIP backs too!

So tell me, what’s your favorite color?  Let me know in the comments below, for if we don’t yet carry the color you need, we CAN get it.  Anything for our fellow light crafters…

‘Til next time!  TCB & DIY, y’all.

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~


Light Up Craft Adventures Presents: DIY Tiki Party Lights

Greetings, earthlings.

‘Tis I, Flashing Blinky Nikki, here to save the day with a super affordable, extremely cool Light Up Craft.  Get’cher glue gun ready, folks!  DIY Tiki Party Lights are just the beginning of our light up craft adventures together, so bookmark us & leave a comment or 2 or 10 should you ever want to see a certain light craft executed – I WILL TRY ANYTHING.  Seriously, what can’t we do with a glue gun & affordable little LED lights?  The night sky is the limit.  Light crafters, start your engines!


I needed tiki party lights in a jiffy, see.  So I cruised over to a 99 Cent Store & lucked out – found these kitschy fab plastic pineapples for my Light Up Craft.  These particular pineapples seem to be made for holding cotton balls or Q-tips on a counter top, but MY flashing blinky eye first took notice of that funky prism shell, totally perfect for our light up craft.  Really anything hallow with some sort of textured shell is going to look incredibly dreamy with a slow color change LED inside it.  Eh, who needs ya, candles?! Phooey!  Get offa my lawn!



Next step:  add illumination.  Though we’re not using water this time, did you know these flower-shaped compact LEDs are waterproof?  Dig it.  Safely submersible, just twist them shut to power on & twist tight.  They come in so many beautiful colors, sloooow color change being my favorite.  It magically morphs through every color of the rainbow. And now, ladies & gentlemen, I give you…

Cheap/easy/gorgeous DIY tiki party lights, tah daaahhh!  Click to enlarge:

The prism shell!!!  It is all about that crazy reflective prism shell, that really helps our lights shine to the best of their ability.  Another bonus regarding our submersible LEDs?  They have changeable batteries for endless nights of fun, how cool is that?  So re-use your light creations again & again, or treat your guests to a specially-made mood light as they leave your shindig – what a memorable party favor to take home…

‘Til next time, craft warriors!


~ Nikki