DIY Light up Easter Egg for the most epic Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter season y’all! Grab your Light up eggs and baskets, it’s time to make this Easter a one to remember. Surprise your family this Spring by adding a splash of light & color this Easter!

DIY Light up Easter Egg

As shown in the video, the instructions cannot be any more simple. Simply get a no-smudge marker or Sharpie, draw on the egg, let it dry, and display or hide for the most epic Egg hunt! Take a look at the final batch:

The fun did NOT end here for the creative FBL team! Anyone fan of the #Dragon show coming out soon? Can’t say the name for copyright reasons but you all know what we’re talking about! All I can say is that we had a blast making some #Dragon eggs!

Not feeling eggs? We have our new Deco Star Light Table decoration that is also marker friendly and our best selling all time favorite Mood Deco ball that can also work! In fact, check out this cute Jack Skellington we made for Halloween!

That’s all for today! Happy Spring everyone! ELLY OUT.

Light Up Your Space DIY

Whether it be a workspace area or a desk in your dorm room, everyone has their own personal space where they spend the majority of their time at. So why not make it special? FBL is here to help you out! Introducing…

We’re here today to show you a few tips and also products that come in handy when decorating your desk. We can start with our NEW and HOT, Pink Neon Love LED Sign!

Light Up Pink Neon Love LED Sign

Spread the Love!

The Neon Decor makes for a great desk piece with a truly wonderful message to share with the people you love! Gift it to a friend going off to college, a coworker in need of a new desk or just get it for your own desk at home! It works as a great night light and comes connected to a USB port for easy usage! ( See it on our Instagram )


Get Groovy & Glittery!

Now, this lamp will bring your desk to a whole different level. We stare and play with this lamp all the time when we’re on hold, during a break and even just cause!

Give it a shake and watch the sparkly flecks swirl and float around for hours along with the slow changing LED lights. As you can see on the sped-up GIF on the right, the lamp is definitely the perfect accessory to have on any office desk. It’s affordable, no battery hassle AND comes in the perfect size for any desk.
Try it out!

Are you ready for the next decor? It’s definitely one of our hottest product! To make up for the Marquee box you always wanted… we’re introducing our newest product yet:

6″ x 4″ Mini Marquee USB LED Lightbox!

You want to get these ASAP because they will sell out for SURE. This little mini LED Lightbox make the perfect stocking stuffer anyone of any age can use for the upcoming Holidays. Well then, it’s time to start decorating!

P.S. We also have a new 13′ USB Fairy Light made especially for Desk decor! Simply plug into your USB port and watch it glow! It’s ambient lighting so it’s slow changing and also not straining to your eye. It makes the perfect gift combo along with the LOVE neon sign! Okay, done for real now! XOXO


DIY Light Up Pumpkin for Halloween Decoration

Everyone’s thinking about the Summer coming to an end.. but Halloween is the only thing on OUR mind! (I guess Octoberfest also…)

FBL is getting ready for one of our FAVORITE Holidays of the year by celebrating the classic tradition: Pumpkin Carving! But with a twist… LIGHTS! How’d you know? Let’s get started.

Step one is to find the perfect pumpkin for you obviously. We wanted to keep our pumpkins for a long time so we bought the craftable plastic pumpkin at the good ol’ Michaels.

Just look at that clean pumpkin; perfect size for the porch, outdoor, table decor and so much more! A quick tip here: Get into the Halloween mood with some Purple LED String lights, our Ghost centerpiece and a few of our LED Candles.

Back to Pumpkin Carving! Just search up any design you’d like online, or get creative and make your own! Just remember to create a big enough hole ( or leave room on the top or bottom ) to fit your light inside.

Now here is where the magic starts! We do have lights you could add into your pumpkin that’s smaller but why not go BIG. Our 2.75″ Deluxe Submersible is the perfect light to add to your pumpkin; just look at the color change! It also comes with a REMOTE so you could adjust your light speed to FAST for that party effect or SLOW for the eerie Halloween night effect. If you’re looking for a solid color, our smaller submersibles are a great replacement!

You only need 1 for your pumpkin! Don’t worry, your pumpkin will shine long and bright with one so share your lights with a pumpkin in need. And that’s it folks! You’re guaranteed to win that 1st place for your next pumpkin carving contest. Happy Halloween!

P.S. Check out our DIY Pumpkin carving video HERE. Happy Crafting! Elly out!

Make Your Own LED Clothing! Yes You Can!

NEWS FLASH, light loves:  LED clothing does not have to be expensive.  It can be done on a budget – I’m living proof.  LED lights themselves are actually a total value, so what causes such high price tags on professionally-made LED clothing?  It’s the time, care & effort put into sewing around delicate wires & programming light shows, like in this video we’re such a fan of.  BIG UPs & credit go to thee artist known as Little Boots!  This dress is inspiring me in more ways than one…

Amazing, right?!  Hearts just shot out of my eyeballs, for that is LED clothing at its finest.  But alas I’m Queen Bargain Hunter and always hustlin’, not much time to make detailed, elaborate LED clothing.  So!  I had to come up with my own way of makin’ light up boss threads.  Eliminate the wires & bulky battery pack, add a clip to the back of each LED light, and whAmmy, you too can have your own quicky DIY LED clothing.  If you’re a creative costume maker, the possibilities are endless.  Check out the totally awesome light suit jacket lapels I put together in 5 minutes:

That’s 3.5 minutes to unwrap each LED light, 0.5 minute to pull out their safety tabs, and 1 minute to clip them on equal distances apart.  YOU’RE WELCOME, world.

If doing this for a play, a production, for Cosplay, or just an extra-crazy night out, reinforce your LED lights with simple thread & needle so you don’t knock ’em off during your sweet dance moves.

Another alternative is our fairy lights! They come in blue, white, pink and multicolor. They come with a thin battery pack so it’s easy to tape and hide, the wired string lights make it easy for you to sew or just wire into your clothing. 

When the party’s over & it’s back to business for your suit jacket or what have you, snip each thread loop & disassemble your homemade LED clothing…though you may not want to…and that’s OK.

Til next time, light loves!

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~

FBL’s Greatest Hits: Party Crafts!

Ahoy, craft mates!  No need to go rummaging around the FBL blog trying to pinpoint your favorite party crafts.  Why…they’re all right here!  And party crafts just ain’t party crafts without affordable bright LED lights.  Am I right or am I right?  (I’m right.)  The following’s in order from Most Fun & Totally Unique to Still Really Cool & Surprisingly Easy.  Take notes, light crafters.  Ready, steady, GO:

Flashing LEDs in a Feather Boa will turn heads like no other.

DIY Flower Bouquet full of color morphing lights, OOOooo!

Fiber Optics added to a Wreath SO cool to hang on the front door before a party.

DIY Tiki Lamp Lights make ya feel like it’s summer year round!

LED King’s Crown for Mardi Gras, costume parties, play productions, you name it.

DIY LED Sign WHICH I’ll re-create next sports game I go to; gonna get on the Jumbotron!

Light Up Gift Basket for Easter fun + great idea for birthday gift baskets too.

LED Hearts for pinning on anything, in this case love notes & greeting cards.

Butterfly Lights helped me make a groovy 60s inspired hippie headband.

Light Up Picture Frame featuring my very own Velvet Elvis, hubba hubba.

LEDs used as Light Up Eyes, very simple & perfect for those planning Halloween parties.

Enjoy, light craft lovahs!  Hit me up if you need any help or tips or pointers.

TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Flashing Blinky Nikki

Lighten Up Election Day With Political Party Favors!

Election Day is upon us. Opinions are vast, tensions are building, and patriots are more passionate than ever.  Do you need something to help lighten the mood?  I know I do, and FBL Political Party Favors are just the thing, young Americans.  Because life’s too fun to take it all too seriously.  So when the news gets my head in a tizzy, and the ads keep pushin’ props, I can just flip a switch, sit back and relax wearin’ my red white & blue light up Political Party Favors.  The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

But in all seriousness, regardless of who you vote for on Election Day, and no matter which Political Party Favors you sport to show your pride, what’s important here is that we all take the time to vote.  Let’s do our homework, read up on important matters and visit a polling place, or send in that absentee ballot (note to self for next year).  Check out this DIY sign I made using our red white & blue light pins and Political Party Favors.  So festive, and talk about spreadin’ the word!

You BET I’ll take that sign out with me on Election Day.  Imagine the possibilities if you used this idea to create a political message sign.  NO ONE would miss the point you’re trying to get across.  Not one person.  Check out these lights in action:

How I did it?  So easy:

  1. Get a styrofoam rectangle at your local craft store.
  2. Cover it with glue, then glitter.
  3. I hot glued Mardi Gras beads around the edges for a little extra bling (optional).
  4. Buy a few bags of Red White & Blue LEDs for Arts & Crafts, and glue ’em to the styrofoam board.  Spell out anything you wish!

Happy voting, America.  Keep on craftin’ in the free world.


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki