Get Your Zen On With Glow Yoga


Photo Cred: Beyoutiful Hot Yoga shows us how it’s done.

 Glow Yoga.  Glowga.  Glow with the flooow, zen masters.  This chill exercise trend is here to stay, and I’m jazzed such a party product can help motivate.  It’s a fun incentive when getting fit & centered, ya know?  Mood lighting is welcome in my world ANY time, and society says exercise classes are no exception.  The following Glow Yoga photos caught my eye and inspired me to attend my first class comin’ up here real soon (I’m looking at you, One Down Dog!)…

glowyogaThat rad Glow Yoga shot above is by Matt LaVigne.  I wanna learn how to do that!  Plus adding the laser Party Light was a nice touch – so doing that with ours.  Let’s take a moment to review why Glow Yoga’s such a hit these days:

  1. Glow products are dang affordable, so it won’t break the bank for instructors.
  2. Packed classes, instructors – nuff said!
  3. Once again – incentive.  If ya need a push to get to class in the first place (hi, that’s me), glow kinda tricks the brain into thinking you’re partying…when actually you’re treating your mind, body and soul really well, like 100%.  Sign me up.
  4. In addition to glow yoga, glow aerobics classes are popping up everywhere.  Step it up a notch and check out these lights in motion!  Courtesy of

glowworkout1Vogue.  Strike a pose:

glowworkout3GET IT, dudes:


DJ Glow Gal in the hooouuuse!  Oh man, love this, take me there now:

glowworkout4Barry’s Bootcamp here has the same bright idea. Magic moment captured by Freddy Fox:

glow_freddy_foxAnd how fun are these Stevan Koye shots from a mega Yogi event in Dallas?

glowyoga3glowyoga2glowyogaCan you dig it?  I sure can.  Subscribe to our blog now and get an update later when we’re back with Part 2:  a full report and pics from our glowing class at One Down Dog.  Seriously, mates, if I can do this, anyone can.  Beginner’s yoga here I come, and I have no doubt it will be fun…

‘Til next time, light loves.

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Glow Party Planning On A Budget

So you’re planning a party.  Pop quiz, hot shot: WHAT DO YOU DO for quality party favors on a budget? Gotta be easy too – am I right, party planners?  So what do you do?  Plan a Glow Party, ahh yes, good answer.  The cool neon ambience of a glow party pleases all ages: rambunctious kids, picky teens, rockin’ 20-somethings, seasoned professional adults, yes glow is the missing link at a lot of parties. Luckily our clientele is smart & already in on our little secret…

♫ ♪ Every! Body! Dance! Now! ♫ ♪

Love this glow party favor table at the roller rink.  LED treats mixed in there too – NICE.

* Please note the awesome use of glow sticks to the left below here.  DIY glow garland?  Great idea; gonna string some up next party I have…

And to elaborate on the glow garland idea, check out this epic glow party chandelier, wow.catch_my_party

That would look so fabulous hanging above a spread of our UV Reactive Glow Cups.  I love these particular party cups because (1) they’re made of optimum quality, (2) their neon colors *pop*, (3) put a black light bulb near these babies to really make ’em glow, and (4) no batteries required, so they cost less than LED Cups.  So much WIN!uv_fblv1And now back to serious business…

Glow at a grown up party, weeee!  See?  It happens, any age.  Magical photo credit goes to Pearl Events Austin.

Make a DIY “neon” sign by taping glow bracelets to a wall.  This one’s my favorite for all occasions.  Spell out ANYthing: “Happy Birthday” or “I love you” or “Clean your room!”

Glow bracelets swirled in clear soap dispensers is a pleasant surprise for party guests in the bathroom.

Vegas glow ‘staches.  Creative.  Classy.  Dapper.

Glow party favors + festival season = match made in heaven.

Glow bracelets linked through mesh shirts, way to think outside the box!

Spooky glow eyes to plant in the bushes on Halloween, or any night if you’re a practical joker like myself:

(Here’s a great template for different shaped eyes – cut ’em out of old toilet paper rolls.)

Toss some glow in the ice chest.  Why not?!  Fun at tailgate parties.

Get a bowling party started out on the lawn with glow sticks in water-filled soda bottles.  Might I suggest a pumpkin or cantaloupe to use as the bowling ball…

Nuff said right here.

Sticks in the pool – of course!  Noted for next summer…

Til next time, light loves!


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki ~