Turkey Crafts Are Back! LED Turkeys Light Up Thanksgiving

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy Turkey Crafts.  What better way to bond with the kiddos this fall! It’s an adorable tradition:  remember tracing your hand as a kid and turning each finger into a colorful feather?  Then doodle a face on the thumb, sketch a pilgrim hat on top and proudly displaying that masterpiece on the fridge. Well nowadays, things have changed. Turkey crafts get a makeover!


Check out our new & improved feathered friend.  I do declare it thee most fabulous of all Turkey Crafts.  The body glows a fantastical magical color changing light, and the body parts were simple to make with foam glitter paper found at the craft store.  Kids will love to use their turkey crafts as seasonal night lights, plus make extras to use as thoughtful gifts when visiting someone’s home for a Thanksgiving feast.

Here’s what you’ll need, crafty mamas & papas:

  1. An LED orb light globe from FBL (has flattened base, like a desk lamp).
  2. Kid safe scissors if your little one is big enough to help cut.
  3. Craft glue, strong double stick tape, OR hot glue if an adult is 100% in charge.
  4. A pack of glitter paper found at craft stores, OR construction paper, OR white paper your kids can color in themselves like a coloring book!  Options.  Love that.

Click on this image   >>>>>> to see the FULL SIZE printable template for your LED turkey crafts.  Before you print, check that it takes up 1 full page.  That will ensure his lil’ body parts print out the perfect size for our light orb.  Also take note:  the shape used for his feet are also the shape used for his wings, so make 4 of those total.

And there you have it!  Happy crafting, my friends!  Should you need any further tips to perfect your light craft, leave a comment below.  I’m always here to help and answer fast. Plus SUBSCRIBE to the FBL blog so you don’t miss a thing, and stay tuned for more seasonal light crafts!  Oh boy do I have much more in store for you…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki



Frozen Party Ideas Let It Glow!


Calling all snow queens, strong sisters & silly snowmen!  Frozen Party Ideas have taken FBL by storm.  Today’s craft is so cute & simple, plus we’ve got a few more coming up in future blog posts as we countdown to Christmas, so bookmark the FBL blog & stick with us!  We now carry official Frozen paper party goods to decorate & match our LED snowflake treats – how cool is that?  VERY, for we’re fans ourselves.  And we love to light craft, so let’s start exploring this vast winter wonderland of Frozen party ideas.


Faith_1Here’s our pal Faith wearing one of the most popular Frozen Party Ideas ever ever, muy clever.  She used one of our blinky snowflake earrings to light up her DIY snow queen crown.  Creative kiddo!  The glitter foam crown we crafted thanks to this free template from My Sister’s Suitcase.  Little ladies love tiara crafts done together as a party activity, plus the joy they feel taking home their crafted creation, ahh, nothing compares when you’re young.  It’s a proud moment.  This Frozen party idea takes the cake.  Speaking of cake!!?!


Jacob_1FBL Light Up Ice Cubes as cupcake toppers.  Perfect Frozen-inspired party flare, right?  Nothing short of fabulous.  I guarantee these will make your party guests “OOOooo” & “Aaaahhh”.

But I digress!  Back to the craft.  Faith’s brother Jacob became a fan of our Arts & Crafts Blinkies in a flash, plus he didn’t need much to make it pop.  I love how one simple LED light added to his reindeer antlers brightened his day.  Nice work, young man!  Excellent tribute to that furry dude with the shiny nose.  You would even say it *glows*…

Outtake LOLz!  Pretty sure the sugar rush is kickin’ in here.  Cupcakes were definitely consumed.  Also, DINOSAURS.  Important stuff, folks.Jacob_2

Stay tuned for our next snowflake themed episode where we explore a light craft ideal for parents making party favors or gifts in advance, plus fun to do with older kids; think adolescents, tweens & beyond…  Here’s a teaser:Craft_with_11650MLT

 ‘Til next time!  DIY & TCB ~

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Plan Fun Crafts For Kids With Glow & Lights!

Calling all teachers, babysitters, inspiring parents and helpful siblings!

If you’re planning Fun Crafts For Kids, you really ought to incorporate glow & lights, and I’ll tell ya why.  #1: Light up crafts for kids are actually fun for adults as well.  #2: Most FBL products have changeable batteries for multiple uses – bonus!  And #3: It’s a somewhat sneaky way of getting little ones to pay attention.  Surrre, they’ll think it’s all fun & games, but you’re actually educating & stimulating their minds at the same time.  Brilliant!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

There are so many Fun Crafts For Kids out there, you guys.  Immeasurable amounts.  And that is why I love Pinterest.  Follow that link above to see my favorites collected on our board.  Here at FBL headquarters, we often take a crack at our own fun crafts for kids, and here’s my latest, being a child of the ’80s myself:

tetris_revised   YESsssss!  Tetris still rules.  Stack LED Deco Cubes in a color-coded fashion to resemble this classic Nintendo game.  Help your kiddo prepare the colors by clicking the button under each cube (no flashing blinky here; just steady lights).  It’s a challenge for children to re-create the image.  Good for the brain, and a colorful feast for the eyes!  Once you’re done making a Tetris tower, LED Deco Cubes can also be set on sloooow color change, which looks like a mesmerizing night light.  Kiddos will LOVE IT.Success-baby

Here’s a few more of my favorites from the FBL archives.  With many holidays comin’ up (they WILL be here before you know it), best to prepare now.  Get inspired with us!


For Halloween:

GLOW eyes in the bushes!  Click on that image for a closer look; surprisingly simple.  The key here is glow bracelets in each TP roll.  I see Pinterest folks suggest glow sticks all the time when that’s actually incorrect.  It’s the bended bracelet that stays in place with ease…



For Thanksgiving:

A lil’ Light Up Turkey buddy!  No matter how much technology attempts to take over the world & distract kids in search of entertainment, turkey crafts are still fun and will never go out of style.  Mark my words…


glowelf3For Christmas:

Elf On The Shelf done with glow & LED lights!  You can’t glow I mean GO wrong with this. Kids go bonkers for Elf On The Shelf.  And even though it’s Mom & Dad who set up the scenarios, kids will totally appreciate the light treats left behind for them to play with…


Do you have any fun ideas to incorporate FBL lights?  Let me know in the comments below, for I will put new ideas to the test!  Always a pleasure.  ‘Til next time, light crafters…


~ Flashing Blinky Nikki