Light up Your Birthday Party

Some Holidays aren’t for everyone… But we know everyone celebrates birthdays! ✨🎉 Light up the birthday party with the perfect table decor and fun birthday party favors with Flashing Blinky Lights!

Let’s Light up the Party!

  • Starting off with our NEWEST centerpiece, the Light up Deco Star! This centerpiece is the perfect decoration for any occasion. It’s also sharpie friendly so you’re free to write on it, draw on it and get creative with it.
  • Our hottest centerpiece yet! The 5.5″ light up Mini Centerpieces dazzle table tops at parties, receptions, showers, or ANY festive celebration. It adds a fun splash that your guests will definitely enjoy.
  • A personal favorite because it’s just perfect for DIYs: Fairy String lights with 20 LED, 80″ long. Wrap it around, hang it, tape it to create the magical fairy light effect!

Here’s a few more party tips! Use our Mini Marquee cinema box for the cute additional decor if you’re not confident with DIY signs. It comes with the light box and letters for easy assembly! Getting the party floor is easier than you thought! Use our party projector to light up the whole room; turning it into a dance floor within seconds. Last but not least, our classic Disco light set with spotlight AND motor included is guaranteed to bring your party to the next level! Make it a party to remember!

Elly out!

DIY: LED “BIKE” Strip Lights

Hello FBL crafters! Summer’s here and it’s time to cruise around with the gang. Remember our bike lights? They were a HIT with all our biker crew and other cruisers felt left out on all the love. So here we are to spark some creative DIY ideas for everyone in your gang.

This picture represents what we originally intended for the product. An elegant and fun bike décor that doubles as safety lights – I’m talking about those nighttime riders out there, stay seen. But we never imagined what our creative clients would come up with, turning our standard bike lights into…

A light decor for your skateboard and longboard! S-i-i-i-i-i-i-ck!

What are you waiting for? Grab your board and try it out for yourself!

Follow these three simple steps and be the coolest on the streets.

  1. Grab your Skateboard or a longboard.
  2. Get one or two LED Strip Lights for Bike frame; comes in blue or red.
  3. Pick your spot and use scissors/tape to secure them on. (For a permanent fixture, use a hot glue gun. Just make sure the battery housing is facing outward for easy battery replacement.)

And ta-da!

Stay safe and don’t forget a helmet! Happy cruising! ELLY OUT.

4th of July Decor DIY

Hello Crafters! Elly here.

It’s 4th of July, guests are on their way and you don’t have that epic entrance to wow them. What do you do? Introducing..

You’re probably wondering, “how on earth will I EVER do that?” Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s really not as complicated as it seems.

Things that you need: 4th of July leis 12159-RWB + LED String lights 11950-WT and the usual DIY kit: scissors and glue.


Step 1.

You have to cut and wrap the leis around the String lights. Make sure the ends of the leis are secured so that the flowers don’t fall off! They should look something like this:

Beauty! At first, we wanted to decorate the table but realized it’d make a beautiful backdrop + entryway for all our guests! We simply taped the string lights around the door and ta-da! spontaneity at its finest.

Not done yet! With all the leftover leis, we decided to tape them up on the top of the door frame to create a beautiful drop for the entry. Looks something like this…


It doesn’t only make a great entryway for your guests but an awesome photo wall! Got two birds with one stone! Check out a few of our test shots below!


Check out how to make the other wall HERE. Love to see some of YOUR creative ideas! Tag us at @Flashingblinkylights to show us YOUR creations!

Happy 4th of July! ELLY OUT.

Light Up Your Stockings!

There is a new video, filmed with great Christmas Stocking Stuffers and Santa Claus himself.

Watch him take advantage of our great Christmas Sale going on every year! Stay in tune for next Christmas!



Get Some LED Lights In Your Survival Kit STAT.

survival kitRise & shine!  It is time!  To update your survival kit and first aid supplies.  Girl?  You know it’s true.  Fellas too — no more delays, let’s just get it done and then relax knowing you’re prepared.  To make light of a tough situation, I must say that unexpected mayhem & natural disasters can bring out the best in us, when we shift into survival mode and become much more resourceful with ordinary household items.  Betcha never looked at your leftover light up party supplies and thought to yourself, “Survival Kit LIFE SAVERs right here!”  Well the times they area’changin’.
When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, FBL customer Renee Schwidel wrote us about her impromptu survival kit:  “Love your products and loved them last night.  In NY with no power but were able to play board games with the kids using sunglasses, rings and bracelets.  Another reason to have Flashing Blinky Lights on hand.  You never know when you will be affected by a hurricane or storm.”  True that, my friend!  Happy to read Renee & family stayed safe while entertained.
So what are you gonna put in YOUR survival kit(s)?  Renee didn’t have a choice at that time but made it work anyway — love that, go girl.  But YOU, reader, you have a choice.  And here are some of my recommendations to help make it easy on ya:
Wearable LED Head Light with comfy headband.  Love that hands free lighting!survivalkit2


Submersible LEDs.  Place them all around the house for more hands-free lighting.  They are way bright and long lasting, plus waterproof when you screw ’em together tight.  Though they come in every color, and even slow color change, it is white submersibles that will come in most handy when the power’s out.survivalkit7


LED Light Sticks on Lanyards.  Also way bright.  That’s the name of the game here. 

Glow Sticks.  Cheap!  Eye-catching.  Easy.  Did I mention cheap?  And no batteries required — just crack ’em, shake ’em up and stay visible.  Helpful hints: green is the brightest, and shelf life = a few years for optimum brightness.survivalkit8


Blinking LED Whistles.  Loud & eye catching, nuff said.


Affordable effective stuff, right?  It’s comforting to know you’ll get by A.O.K. if you lose power for a night or 2 or 3.  I put some inexpensive replacement batteries in my survival kit as well, how ’bout them apples?  Preparedness ON TOP OF being prepared, go me.  And if you’re a pet owner, don’t forget about those loyal fur babies – toss in some extra LED pet supplies too.

In closing, check out this neat video of what’s going on out there during a big city power outage.  Take it from Renee: stay safely lit inside, folks, and enjoy this eerie adventure:

Y’all take good care of each other out there, OK?

~ Flashing Blinky Nikki


Holiday Parties Are on the Rise

And like a busy superhero (or Santa Claus) might, we are doing all we can to get out those Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, and-all-other-holidays/birthdays-in-between, their due respect and light-up toys.

We’ve been so busy getting in so many new items and yes, they have been selling like hot cakes. For those of who do not know what hot cakes are, please do not search the term “Hot cakes” in Google, especially not Google Images with children around (You never know what you’ll get). Hot Cakes are old school pancakes, made from scratch, and tastier than any pancakes you’ve ever had in your entire life. Basically, Flashing Blinky Lights are the Hot Cakes of the toy world. In fact, next time you see one of us, call us “Hot Cakes.” You won’t get slapped, we’re cool.

So, whether you are into getting some light up toys for your Halloween party, Christmas party, Thanksgiving dinner party, and/or your New Years Celebration, any Holiday party honestly, where you can really light it up, we’ve got everything you’d ever need.

Halloween is next week, so for those of you planning to be Iron Man, Batman, Psy, or Driver, know that some good ol’ fashioned blinkies can do the trick. For more on that, check out our section for Halloween light up toys right here:

Skipping ahead to those end of year Holidays? Christmas and what-not? Our Christmas Light Up Toys section has just the inventory you’ll need:

Or maybe the New Year is more your style? Planning on hitting up the Cosmopolitan on the Strip or Times Square? Bring anything from our New Year Light Up Toys Section:

Anyway, is just our way of saying “Hello” and look out for our things on Halloween, or better yet, get some so you won’t feel sad when all you can do is look on at everyone else loving their life that much more. Those Holiday Parties are waiting for you.

Until next time!


DIY Light Crafts: Add Light Clips To Halloween Glitter Skulls!

Good day, crafty ladies & gents.                                                                                       Back with more DIY light crafts for fellow Halloween party animals.  Today’s topic: Halloween Glitter Skulls & how to make them look WAY more awesome.

Halloween Glitter Skulls & other Halloween shapes made of styrofoam are all the rage right now + inexpensive as all get out.  Found this cute skull & spider topped headband at Michael’s Craft Store.  Accentuated it EASY with 2 slow color change “Aurora” light clips.  Just remove the tiny pads that come on each clip (for use as LED earrings), stick the clips out, then shove them into the eye sockets of your Halloween Glitter Skulls.  BAM!  Whammy!  Get ready for compliments, fashionistas.  If you’re partying extra hard while wearing something like this, just add some glue to the light clip backing & you’re good to go, a.k.a. dance that booty off without losing your lights!  untz, untz

A little background on the Aurora clips, for they are my favorite & good for so much more than Halloween glitter skulls:  they’re named after aurora borealis, that magical light display up in the northern skies.  Dreamy to the MAX.  Not only do they make for unique party earrings, but I clip them into up-do hairstyles.  Add a few scattered flashing light clips to give the illusion that your princess hair is sparkling, or fill your up-do hairstyle with a bunch of Aurora lights for a futuristic glowing ‘do.  The slow movement from color to color is easy on the eyes, plus the white cap over the LEDs dims them just a bit; essential if you’re wearing these in a darkened room or dimly lit bar.  Our Aurora lights are definitely more subtle vs. our other flashy colors with clear caps.

OK, back to sprucing up our website with more fun new holiday stuff for you to check out!

‘Til next time, craft heads.                                                                                                  TCB & DIY ~                                                                                                                           ~ Nikki

Reasons To Be Blinky — Flashing LEDs, The Environment, and You…

I write this to you with great pride in that not only are LEDs “fun as all get-out” (which no one has said since the 1970’s) but, guess what, they are completely energy efficient as well.

So, this is where it begins:

An LED lamp, for example, has around 100,000 hours of life in it. Left on continuously, that’s around 10-11 years of usage. Now, take into consideration that LEDs also convert, if well-made (like our’s), 80% of the electrical energy into light energy. That means they are 80% more efficient than electrical lights. True story.

If we convert to LEDs for all of our light needs (minus what the sun can afford us), imagine the impact we could make on energy in America. Think of it as an 80% savings in electricity.

“But Andrew, where do we begin? There is so much to do to be able to convert!”

Well, Unnamed Fake Example Man, you start right here: Flashing Blinky Lights.

You’re welcome, America.

FBL Loves Flashing Blinky Lights! (True Story To Follow…)

Then it must be true, we are awesome.

Flashing Blinky Lights is given exclusive props in’s very smart and very saavy article on cool and crafty ways to spice up any Holiday party. See for yourself! So, if you are hankering for more party-planning ideas past things that flash, blink, pop, sizzle, or sparkle, go to them, they have it all.

And that being said, keep up on the site, we are adding new stuff every day and Memorial Day is right around the corner alongside Mother’s Day.

May’s a good month to be a blinky.

Andrew Martin Dodson