Behind the Scenes

Yo ho, Last week, we had a photoshoot and at that photoshoot… Pirates. Well, one pirate. A pirate wench, really. So, here’s a peak into the wide and wonderful world of photoshooting at FBL. Yeah, we have a studio! What now? This can only mean one thing: More video! Because you love it, that’s why. Thank you. Take care, Elly

A Light Up Cinco De Mayo, and a bit on Swords

Margaritas never tasted so good, especially in our Flashing Margarita Glass. That being said, it’s all said and done, and now Memorial Day is just around the corner. And this weekend is my baby brother’s 6th birthday, so a gift is in order. The LED Futuristic Sword with Motion Activated Sounds. Done. Finished. And no, I don’t care if it …