LED Spinning Snowman Light Wand - SKU NO: 10735

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LED Spinning Snowman Light Wand is an especially unique addition to our holiday collection. This wonderful light wand includes tons of little foam balls that whip around like a flurry of snow. The foam balls capture the light emitted by the snowman in the center of the globe to create a rainbow-like blizzard.

To activate your Snowman Light Wand, slide the button up or down to activate one of two LED functions. Function 1 activates the spinning snowman as well as the light wand's audio function as it sings “Jingle Bells." Function 2 activates the spinning with no sound.

Get yours today along with the rest of our fun and exciting Light Up Wands!

Dimensions (W x H): 3" x 7.75"

LED Colors: 1 Blue, 1 Jade, 1 Red

LED Spinning Snowman Light Wand comes to ready to use with 3 replaceable AAA Batteries