Spin-Activated Lights Fun Fidget Spinner Toy - RED - SKU NO: 12268-RD

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It's All About Motion with Red Spin Activated Fidget Toys

Spin-Activated Red Fidget Spinners are so popular & super useful! Great when you need to fidget and...

  • Focus!
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Deal with boredom...

You can also do Light Up Red Fidget Spinner tricks to impress your friends with light shows in the palm of your hand. 

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To activate, spin your LED Fidget Toy & watch the lights automatically flash. Stop spinning & the lights shut off just like that.

Diameter: 3" -- Suitable for adults & children.

LED Colors: White, Blue, Green

Spin Activated LED Tri Spinner includes pre-installed, NON-replaceable batteries.