2.75” Deluxe Submersible with Remote - Slow Color Change Multicolor - SKU NO: 12142-MLT

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Slow Change Deluxe Submersible with Remote is the perfect centerpiece light for gala events, wedding receptions & big parties.  Hours before your event, plant Deluxe Submersibles in the base of floral arrangements or bedazzled water creations, then power them on all at once right before guests arrive.  It's magical morphing color change lights can go super slow for chill mood lighting, or speed them up a bit at the dance party begins.

NOTE: Remote Activated Submersible requires weight on top when placed in water, so pile on faux gems & clear pebbles from the craft store - really accentuates this ultra bright light.  Can be used beneath transparent awards and ice sculptures too!

To activate your Color Change Large Submersible Light, load the batteries provided, screw the top on TIGHT to ensure stays waterproof, and place the LED light in or under whatever creation you wish.  Remote control provided adjusts speed of color change - much like a volume button, press "Up" for quick change and "Down" for slower.

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Dimensions (W x H): 2.75" x 1"

LED Colors: 10 Multicolor Lights

Multicolor Deluxe Submersible Light with Remote includes 3 AAA Batteries. Batteries are replaceable.