Disco Mirror Ball, 10” Diameter (NON-Light Up) - SKU NO: 12230-10in

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1 pcs. $19.99 ea
4 pcs. $17.19 ea
12 pcs. $16.79 ea
36 pcs. $16.39 ea
72 pcs. $15.99 ea
144 pcs. $15.59 ea
576 pcs. $15.19 ea
1152 pcs. $14.79 ea


Big beautiful 10" Disco Mirror Ball is the ultimate classic party decoration, and compatible with any spot light and motor.  This larger sparkling Disco Ball comes with loop attachment only, and makes for an awesome upgrade size when the 8" Mirrorball in our 3-Piece Disco Set is not enough.

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10" Disco Mirror Ball reflects only, does not light up, no batteries required.