Deluxe White Rose Floating LED Flower - SKU NO: 11715-WT

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $3.99 ea
12 pcs. $2.49 ea
72 pcs. $2.44 ea
144 pcs. $2.39 ea
288 pcs. $2.34 ea
576 pcs. $2.29 ea
1152 pcs. $2.24 ea


Deluxe White Rose Floating LED Flower looks so inviting in a decorative bowl full of serene water - excellent for DIY centerpieces at a night event. Add many LED Floating Roses to a pond for backyard mood lighting. Deluxe White Rose LED Flowers have soft fabric petals, multicolor lights down inside, and a lilypad-like foam floating device at the base of the petals.

To activate your Floating Light Roses, screw together the top & bottom of submersible LED you'll find under the petals. Screw it tight to make it waterproof and to activate only light function: Still white light. To power off, turn it the opposite direction. 

NOTE: When not in use, remove Floating Roses from water and dry them off.  Threading under LED Rose allows for battery changes - be sure to screw it back together tight!

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Flower & Pad Height: 1.50 in. 
Flower & Pad Width:3.0 in. 
Entire Piece Height:2.5 in.

LED Colors: White

LED Deluxe Floating Flowers come ready to use with 2 replaceable CR2032 Batteries

Packaging: Retail ready, individual clear containers, 12 pieces per inner box - 144 pieces per carton.