Rave Lights Party Heart Wand - SKU NO: 12041

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $3.99 ea
12 pcs. $2.09 ea
48 pcs. $2.04 ea
96 pcs. $1.99 ea
240 pcs. $1.94 ea
480 pcs. $1.89 ea
960 pcs. $1.84 ea


Rave Lights Party Heart Wand will set your heart (and the party) alight. Perfect as a costume accessory or at the club, rave, festival, or wherever you need to party down. This wand is also small enough for the little ones to enjoy so they can cast cuteness spells on everyone.

To activate your Light Up Heart Wand, press the button located on the handle for 4 light modes.

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LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green

Dimensions (L x H): 9.75" x 4.25"

Rave Lights Party Heart Wand comes ready to use with 4 replaceable AG13 Batteries.