Deluxe LED Ninja Sword with Sound - Was 6.99

SKU NO: 11320-BULK

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  • LED Colors: 7 Blue, 2 Red
  • Batteries: (3) AA, Replaceable
  • Printable: Yes
  • Weight: 0.69 lbs
  • Packs per box: 24


Deluxe LED Ninja Sword with Sound is the best accessory for a modern day warrior! Ninja Sword's blue translucent safe "blade" looks so cool lit up, plus has a nice detailed handle. Grip an LED Ninja Sword in each hand to eliminate the bad guys twice as fast - they'll scram when they hear the fierce clanging sound effects! With Deluxe LED Ninja Swords, YOU are the action star.

To activate your Deluxe LED Ninja Sword, remove the pull tab & press the button on handle. Clanging sounds are motion activated. Check out all our fun Light Swords!

Height: 25.5 in.
Width: 1.37 in.

LED Colors: 7 Blue, 2 Red

Deluxe LED Ninja Sword with Sound comes ready to use with 3 replaceable AA Batteries.

Ages 5 & up!