Spinning Lights Space Blaster Toy Gun - SKU NO: 12090

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $5.99 ea
12 pcs. $3.99 ea
72 pcs. $3.79 ea
144 pcs. $3.59 ea
288 pcs. $3.39 ea
576 pcs. $3.19 ea
1152 pcs. $2.99 ea


Spinning Lights Space Blaster Toy Gun is the defense against alien forces you've been waiting for, complete with awesome (and safe!) soft spinner that makes light trails and glowing designs. Space Blaster Light Up Toys are perfect for birthday parties, space themed events and any fun occasion at night that could use a little oomph.

To activate your Space Blaster's Spinning Lights, squeeze the trigger and watch the light show go. Spacey sound effects sound off the entire time - listen to it here: 

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LED Colors: Red, Green, Blue

Gun Dimensions (L x H): 5.65" x 5.25"

Fan Blade Diameter: 4"

Spinning Lights Space Blaster Toy Gun comes ready to use with 3 replaceable AA Batteries.