White LED Faux Diamond Pierced Earrings, 1 Pair - SKU NO: 11700-WT

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1 pcs. $5.99 ea
25 pcs. $3.59 ea
50 pcs. $3.54 ea
100 pcs. $3.49 ea
250 pcs. $3.44 ea
500 pcs. $3.39 ea
1000 pcs. $3.34 ea


White LED Faux Diamond CZ Pierced Earrings are a wondrous and beautiful addition to your wardrobe. Lighten the cocktail party in a way no one would ever expect!

To activate your CZ Light Earrings, push the earring through your earlobe's pre-pierced hole and firmly attach the other half on back, light will turn on and stay on. Steady light function only.

NOTE: Item sold in pairs. 1 piece = 1 pair.

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LED Color: White

Dimensions (L x H): 0.8" x 0.375"

White LED Faux Diamond CZ Pierced Earrings come ready to use with 2 replaceable AG0 Batteries

To replace batteries, carefully unscrew the back of the battery housing. The batteries are very small, so keep a close eye on them.