LED Light Up Leg Warmers - SKU NO: 11627

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12 pcs. $17.99 ea
60 pcs. $16.99 ea
120 pcs. $15.99 ea
240 pcs. $15.49 ea
480 pcs. $14.99 ea
960 pcs. $14.69 ea


Dress up those stems & get moving in your new LED Light Up Leg Warmers! Rainbow Light Up Leg Warmers look crazy cool on the dance floor, during a routine, as part of a costume or wear them simply because you're unique & fabulous! Great for an 80s look, classic rave style or modern go-go dancers, Light Up Rainbow LED Leg Warmers really get the party started. LED 80s Leg Warmers now come with beautfiul, softer fur with more movement, plus longer lasting batteries!

To activate your LED Leg Warmers, press the button on the battery pack hidden inside the leg warmer, toward the top.  With each push of the button, choose from a multicolor flash, a slow color change, calm steady lights, or each individual color on a blink function.

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NOTE: One size fits most. Light Up Leg Warmers are sold in pairs, when you order 1 pc you will be getting 1 pair of leg warmers.

Height: 16"

LED Colors: 6 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Jade

Rainbow Lights Funky Furry Leg Warmers include 3 replaceable CR2032 Batteries.