Flashing Blinky Silly Squid Hats - SKU NO: 12225-AST

Pieces Pricing
4 pcs. $6.99 ea
12 pcs. $5.99 ea
36 pcs. $5.84 ea
72 pcs. $5.69 ea
144 pcs. $5.54 ea
432 pcs. $5.39 ea
864 pcs. $5.24 ea


Flashing Blinky Silly Squid Hats are a squad of fun and derpiness! Bright neon color Squid Hats are sure to steal the thunder and make a grand entrance at parties, festivals or conventions. Large googly eyes and eight tentacles light up for a fun flashing effect. Sold in increments of 4: Blue, Green, Pink and Orange.

To activate your LED Squid Hat, remove pull tab from the battery housing, located in a pouch within the lining, and flip the switch to the ON position.

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Length: 28"

One size fits most - Up to 22"

LED Color: White

Flashing Blinky Silly Squid Hats comes ready to use with 4 replaceable AG10 Batteries.