Acrylic Flower Color Change LED Hair Clips - SKU NO: 10661

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $2.99 ea
25 pcs. $1.69 ea
50 pcs. $1.64 ea
100 pcs. $1.59 ea
200 pcs. $1.54 ea
500 pcs. $1.49 ea
1000 pcs. $1.44 ea


Acrylic Flower Color Change LED Hair Clips are a hot & stylish accessory for all your night time fun! The flowers are a transparent plastic. Each flower will slowly transition from one LED to the next, this is the only function. This piece works perfectly as an illuminating hair accessory. FlashingBlinkyLights also carries Acrylic Flower Necklaces! Make sure to pick yours up today!

Height  1.63 in. / 4.14 cm.
Width  1.81 in. / 4.60 cm.

Flower Colors: Transparent

LED Colors: Pink, Blue, Green

Acrylic Flower Flashing LED Hair Clips include 2 replaceable CR927 Batteries.