Pink Rosebud LED Flower Halo Crown, Still Lighting - SKU NO: 12164-PK

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $5.99 ea
12 pcs. $3.99 ea
48 pcs. $3.79 ea
96 pcs. $3.59 ea
240 pcs. $3.39 ea
480 pcs. $3.19 ea
960 pcs. $3.09 ea


Pink Rosebud LED Flower Halo Crown is a fairy princess' dream come true! Light Up Flower Headbands are perfect for birthdays, Halloween & to wear among hipsters at summer music festivals.

To activate your LED Rosebud Halos, remove pull tab & flip switch on battery house for Still Light function.

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Size: One size fits all (Flexible, can be bobby-pinned for extra security)

LED Color: Pink

Pink Rosebud LED Flower Halo Crown includes 2 CR2032 Batteries. Batteries are replaceable.