Sound Reactive LED Red Party Shades, 80s Style

SKU NO: 11981-RD

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $4.99 ea
12 pcs. $2.69 ea
48 pcs. $2.59 ea
96 pcs. $2.49 ea
288 pcs. $2.44 ea
576 pcs. $2.39 ea
1008 pcs. $2.34 ea
  • LED Colors: Red, Blue, Green
  • Batteries: (3) AG3, Replaceable
  • Printable: Yes
  • Weight: 0.19 lbs
  • Packs per box: 96


80's Style Sound Reactive Red Light Shades are a totally rad, sound sensitive party favor that pulse to the beat at...

  • Night Clubs & Dance Parties
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Valentine's Day Events
  • Sports Matches

LED Sound Sensitive Eyewear is also lense-free.

To activate your Sound Activated Party Shades, flip the switch on the bridge of the glasses. Flip it back to power off.

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LED Colors: Red

Sound Reactive Red Light Party Shades come ready to use with 3 replaceable AG3 Batteries.