Snazzy Red Fedora Hat (NON-Light Up) - SKU NO: 12261-RD

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1 pcs. $3.99 ea
12 pcs. $2.69 ea
48 pcs. $2.59 ea
96 pcs. $2.49 ea
240 pcs. $2.39 ea
480 pcs. $2.29 ea
960 pcs. $2.19 ea


Snazzy Red Fedora Hat (Non-Light Up) with a sleek and shiny finish will make you look spicy. Classic Hat is made of durable and flexible material with a soft interior for a comfortable fit. Sophisticated, yet modern, the Red Fedora Hat is great for...

  • Elegant Outings and Parties
  • Club and Nightlife
  • Costume Accessories

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One size fits most - Up to 22"