Assorted 8 inch Glow Bracelets, PACK OF 100 - SKU NO: 10597-100

Pieces Pricing
1 pcs. $7.99 ea
10 pcs. $5.99 ea
20 pcs. $5.89 ea
60 pcs. $5.79 ea
100 pcs. $5.69 ea
200 pcs. $5.59 ea
500 pcs. $5.49 ea
1000 pcs. $5.39 ea


Glow Bracelet Packs of 100 have remained one of the hottest glow party favors on the market and there's a good reason why:

The bulk savings are awesome! 

Party & event planners alike, this bulk glow pack is the low-cost, high-quality favor you've been looking for. Glow bright at...

  • Themed 5K Night Runs
  • Birthday & Neon Parties
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Dances

To activate, bend the bracelet until you hear it crack. This will release the non-toxic, glow-in-the-dark chemical from within the bracelet and immediately start to GLOW light! Each Neon Bracelet is 8 inches in length and attaches using the provided connectors. 

Glow Colors: Assorted Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow

NOTE: Item comes ready to go in 100 piece packs. When you purchase "1 piece", you are purchasing 1 full pack of 100 Assorted 8" Glow Bracelets.

Dimensions (Per Glow Bracelet): 8" x 0.2"