Shiny Gold Cowboy Hat with Light Brim - SKU NO: 11832-GD

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12 pcs. $5.99 ea
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960 pcs. $5.49 ea


YEEhaw, disco cowboys & gals, Shiny Gold Cowboy Hat with Light Brim is gonna light up the dance floor! Flashing Cowboy Hats are a hit at fairs, carnivals, country line dance night, and makes just a great costume accessory. LED Cowboy Hats are ready to boot scootin' boogie!

To activate your Disco Cowboy Hat, press the button on the battery house located inside the hat. Cycle through 3 LED functions:

  • Strobe
  • Flash
  • Steady

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LED Colors: Yellow

Dimensions (LxWxH): 15" x 9.5" x 5"

One size fits most - Up to 22"

Shiny Gold Cowboy Hat with Light Brim comes ready to use with 2 replaceable CR2032 Batteries.