Remote Control for Light Bracelets & LED Cheer Sticks

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  • Batteries: Non-Replaceable
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  • Weight: 1.5 lbs


Remote Controls for RC Light Up Cheer Sticks & LED Bracelets are the most important component when it comes to your Remote Activated LED Bracelets and Remote Controlled Cheer Sticks -- in fact, they won't work without it! 


Make sure the bracelets' and cheer sticks' buttons are switched to the "On" position, indicated by a small red light near ON/OFF button.

Power on your remote transmitter (switch is located on the side) and start to explore 1 of 12 light function buttons (As labeled on remote):

R (Static ON) - Static Red

B (Fast Blink) - Static Blue 

G (Slow Blink) - Static Green Light 

R+B (Crossfade) - Static Red/Blue Combination 

R+G (Auto) - Static Red/Green Combination 

G+B (Mixed) - Static Green/Blue Combination

R+B+G - Static Red/Blue/Green Combination for a light aqua/teal color

Flash - A flashing cycle through each color combination

Crossfade - A crossfade/color change cycle through each color combination

Spark - A fast flashing cycle between red, blue & green

Auto - Slow rotation through every color combination + fast flashing of multicolor

Mixed - Mix between solid colors and multicolor Crossfade function

Remote is ONLY for Remote Controlled Cheer Stick Lights & Remote Activated LED Bracelets.

Remote range is up to 1,000 feet and controls ANY AMOUNT of cheer sticks and bracelets within that range.

Remote Transmitter is DC powered and must be fully charged in order to transmit at maximum range. Ensure antennae is screwed on completely for proper use.

Charging light will glow red while still charging and turns green once fully charged.