Remote Control Warm White Firework Light
Remote Control Warm White Firework Light
Warm White Firework Light Remote Control
Remote Control Warm White Firework Light

Remote Control Warm White LED Firework Light


Pieces Pricing
1 - 5 pcs. $14.99 each
6 - 11 pcs. $10.99 each
12 - 24 pcs. $10.79 each
25 - 49 pcs. $10.59 each
50 - 99 pcs. $10.39 each
100 - 249 pcs. $10.29 each
250 - 499 pcs. $10.19 each
500 - 999 pcs. $10.09 each
1000+ pcs. $9.99 each
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  • LED Colors: Warm White
  • Batteries: (4) AA, Replaceable
  • Dimensions: Length: 24" (Hook to end)
  • Printable: Yes
  • Weight: 0.42 lbs
  • Packs per box: 50 pcs.
  • Carton Dimensions LxWxH: 20"x15"x12"


Burst your decor with Warm White LED Firework Light! Flickering Starburst Light is a fun DIY project that will brighten any decor whether indoor or outdoor. Easily bendable LED copper strings can be shaped into a bouquet, firework, or a multitude of other shapes. Additionally, there is a hook at the top of the battery house to easily hang from ceiling, railings or tree branches. This battery powered Fairy Light is perfect to use at:

LED Firework Light is weather resistant. Remove from the outdoors after your fun to ensure battery house stays dry.

To use your Firework Light, unscrew top cylinder to access battery house. Insert four AA batteries, then replace cap.

To activate, turn on with the use of remote and select 1 of 8 LED Functions. Alternatively, press button located on the bottom of battery house and cycle through LED functions:

  1. Combination of all functions
  2. Fast Twinkle
  3. Outward Burst
  4. Slow Glow
  5. Chasing Flash
  6. Pulse
  7. Strobe
  8. Steady

Increase or decrease brightness with the use of + and - buttons.

TIMER BUTTON sets lights on a schedule. Press once to keep lights on for 6 hours, then automatically shut off for 18 hours. This cycle will repeat until the timer button is pressed again to turn OFF this function.