Light Up High Flying LED Whirly Wheel
Light Up High Flying LED Whirly Wheel

Light Up Toys Deluxe High Flying LED Whirly Wheels

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1 - 11 pcs. $3.99 each
12 - 47 pcs. $2.19 each
48 - 95 pcs. $2.14 each
96 - 239 pcs. $2.09 each
240 - 479 pcs. $2.04 each
480 - 959 pcs. $1.99 each
960+ pcs. $1.94 each
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  • LED Colors: Red | Blue| Jade
  • Batteries: (3) AG10, Replaceable
  • Dimensions: 9.75" x 5"
  • Printable: Yes
  • Weight: 0.47 lbs
  • Packs per box: 48 pcs.
  • Carton Dimensions LxWxH: 18"x13"x22"


Reach for the stars with Light Up Toys High Flying LED Whirly Wheels! These assorted color spinning discs blast off with a pull-string hand launcher, igniting a spiral of light as it goes up up UP in the sky & falls back down to earth. Whirly Wheels Light Up Toys are fun party favors for outdoor events at night.

NOTE: The Whirly Wheel comes in 3 assorted colors + handle launchers are all black. Batteries can be replaced by carefully removing the top center piece of the wheel.

  • To activate the LEDs in your LED Whirly Wheel, slide the switch on your wheel.

  • Next plug the circle into the black handle where it fits like a puzzle.

  • Hold the handle in one hand, and with the other hand, pull the string plus release it FAST.  Your Light Up Wheel will take off into the sky like a UFO!